Poncho, Nothing Works Without

The poncho: a classic coming back and that deliver the power.

In recent weeks, you have seen many times they are and no matter in which shop went you, hang it everywhere now this “ceiling”.

The poncho is originally from South America, where it is produced and worn very colorful. We had also just talk a great time in the seventies. How it all comes it again, but not as we know it, but with the attributes of today.

With natural colors, fringed, in noble materials, sometimes with Inca pattern, but usually simple and taken back.

I myself have two beautiful parts and I have you brought pictures with a solid material and a material which is soft and cuddly. Latter I found Fashion Weekend at my last London trip for Plus Size.

The striped Zizzi you also get this color namely at Adler modes .For 89 euros. Poncho Plus Size Zizzi via Adler.

Incidentally, it is important that you take someone who really has your size. If the poncho is too small, it acts quickly like a small blanket or cloth and that is not meant.

In the same shop you will also find a more favorable and cozy alternative: Poncho with Ren 49.90 €. This is a standard size and a good start, if one does not equal the “whole cloth” wants.

What I also find very well to the trend is that you can still wear Jackets or coats without already rausholen the very thick. Morning and Abens it is still quite cold, Lunch, however, seems sometimes the sun. So a poncho for me has therefore also a very practical aspect.

This one combines jacket, vest and poncho. I find it very beautiful, because it also has pockets and the two-tone like that. It costs € 89.90 Poncho Appian about Adler.

This example can be seen quite how the bright and natural color penetrated and how good a poncho can be integrated (left) in the boho style. They are both of sheego and costs € 39.90 and € 69.90.

Apropos, you already know the “she got it” Collections?

And who would rather have the original Inca pattern, have a look at Junarose past: