Plus Size Yoga: Train Your Body And Soothe Your Soul

Let me clarify one thing in the beginning: Even if the pictures of super-slim women, who impress with their best Lotussitz, suggest that yoga is not just something for young graceful Supermodels.

Everyone can benefit from the fantastic physical and psychological effects of yogatraining and that is the reason why so-called “plus-size yoga” is currently gaining in popularity.Today, I show you the countless health benefits of yoga, because it is soothing to the soul and at the same time you learn to deal with your body again confidently.

Where Are The Differences?

How does Plus-Size Yoga differ from regular yoga? Well, in Plus Size Yoga classes, you will learn the same traditional yoga poses as in a regular yoga class, but they tend to be more cautious. In addition, the poses have been skilfully adapted so that they can be exercised comfortably even for more curvy figures, and plus-size women can move more easily and are more agile. For example, a plus-size yoga instructor will suggest alternatives, for example, to stretch the legs wider than just hip-width. Other variations as opposed to traditional poses may be that you minimize the strain on joints, for example, on your knees.

Yoga Is Good For Health

If you are wondering if yoga is worth the effort, let me briefly summarize the many benefits to your physical health:

  1. Yoga is a great workout and helps you stay fit.
  2. Yoga increases your agility and relieves tension.
  3. Yoga defines the muscles and strengthens
  4. Yoga improves the balance and the body
  5. Yoga promotes blood circulation and lowers the pulse

 But Yoga Is Not Only Good For Your Body-It Is Also Good For Your Mind

The great thing about plus-size yoga is that it not only helps your body but also increases your emotional well-being enormously. Women report that it strengthens their self-awareness and body-feeling and helps them to love their bodies. Yoga soothes and provides a serenity and clarity, which helps you through a hard working week. In addition, by virtue of its origin in Buddhist meditation, yoga is by nature spiritual and helps women to get in harmony with one side of their lives, which is often neglected in today’s full-day.

Be Inspired By A Modern Yoga Icon

The US yoga teacher Jessamyn Stanley has a very popularInstagram account about plus size yoga, which was recently mentioned in a Daily Mail article .There she reported how she came to yoga: “I was fascinated how satisfying the training can be.Unlike other physical activities, yoga has aroused my spiritual curiosity, even though it has brought me to my physical limits. “

On her  website  , Jessamyn explains that she encourages the participants in their courses not to think about how they look but to focus on their feelings.

I offer in my courses a positive body approach from yoga, which celebrates the figures of the participants and encourages them to ask themselves, How do I feel? And not, How do I look? ‘

The self-confidence that you gain through this has the potential to change your life in ways that you have never thought possible.

What To Wear?

Fascinated by plus-size yoga? If you can not wait to start with your first plus-size yoga class, make sure you have the right clothes ready. Comfortable clothing that gives full freedom of movement is a must for yoga. In addition, choose a material that is breathable, because you will get a sweat. Our sportswear is ideal for yoga: combine, for example, our sports leggings with a sports top with an elastic waist for the necessary freedom of movement to enjoy this great form of training to the fullest.