Plus Size Women: 25 Tips On How To Dress

On November 16, the Frei Caneca Convention Center hosts the fourth edition of the Plus Size Fashion Weekend. Who cannot go to the event or want tips to enhance your figure, you can see some tips given by consultants Manu Chadha, Chris Fancini and Isabella Fiorentino.

“Fatties can use everything that fashion has. It is for everyone, “said Manu. Isabella: “contrary to what they say, they don’t need to be hostages of the black, can take advantage of other colors, too.”

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See the tips from the experts:


Open Jackets and pointy collars–create lines in front of the body and lengthen the silhouette.

-Abuse of v-necks, because they value the lap.

–Avoid very closed and Turtleneck sweaters.

-Prefer the stronger tone to whatever color you want to use. Refine the silhouette.

-Wear well adjusted. Ideally, keep the one centimeter of the body. Very wide pieces reinforce the impression of overweight, as well as the overly tight.

-Opt for matte fabrics. The bright make clothes look more bulky.

-Swap parts with other flat textures, which disguise the extra pounds.

– Avoid clothes with horizontal stripes, as they show their belly and hip circumferences, IE, get fat. If you want to wear a blouse style sailor, a tip is to put a sweater or a Cardigan opened on top.

-If you have hips, avoid Pinstripe pants. The lines form two “parentheses” in the hip and draw attention to this part of the body.

-Skirts and pants with larger visor are good options because they compress the stomach. Avoid models with elastic. The length of the skirts must be knee length.

– Avoid model dresses front-only, leaving the chubbiness of back to the shows. Prefer thicker fabrics models and structured, i.e. with liners and cuttings to give firmness to the bust and tummy.

-Choose wide strap blouses (for use with BRA) and digs right near the Axilla to hold the fat.

-Beware of pantaloons, which leave the square silhouette, as well as model skinny pants, you get fat.The ideal is to use the more set in the hip with a slight opening from the knee. The tip to lengthen the leg is to leave the bar a centimeter off the ground.

-Be careful with clothes you already have volume. They are not prohibited, but can enhance an area you want to hide. For example, a chubby kid with enough butt and little shoulder can use shoulder pads and sleeve bufantes, but should not wear skirts balonês.

Plus size woman

-Bet on monochromatic looks (including shoes), which lengthen the silhouette.

– If the idea is to use pieces of different colors, try to choose a composition in which the top and bottom does not contrast too. A tip is to create the effect with the inside and the outside. For example, a blouse and a Navy blue jacket.

-Prints jump in the eyes. People with a lot of bosom, chubby arms and skinny legs, for example, can bet on pants and shirts stamped flat dark color.

– Choose medium-sized prints with very contrast colors and designs little spaced. If the fabric has many colors, the best option is the dark background.

-Avoid wearing pants leggings because the butt is very out and mark other legs. The piece is even more dangerous when it is used with a long white camisetão, is two blocks will be formed. The ideal is to go up a little the blouse and wear a Cardigan or a scarf.

-Invest in good fabric, that make all the difference in the trim piece. A very thin mesh can highlight what should hide.

-Whenever you can, use a Spanx, which gives a better posture, compresses everything and leaves his wife. In addition, hides that the back fat that usually jump off the BRA

Shoes and accessories

–Avoid Sandals heels and thin strips, which give the impression that the person will not balance. The ideal are the heavy models, with thicker heels, peep toes and heel shoes & pourer medium (not too sharp or rounded).

Peep Toe sandal

-Bet on long necklaces, which lengthen the silhouette.

-Woman with wide hips and big breasts should avoid very small bags that are out of proportion.

–Choose medium handbags glued to the body at the time of the cava. Avoid those that are hip, because they increase the volume in the region.