Plus Size Winter Clothing For 2015: My Choices in Flaminga

Hello dear ones, to celebrate the new plus size winter clothing collection for 2015 I made a very fun rehearsal with Flaminga !!! (Remember the summer? Click here ). I always think it’s cool to do these tests because I’m NOT tall, I do not have the body totally proportional and I have fat here and there that most of the models I know do not have, that is, we have a notion of how these beautiful clothes work in one (And for real I just mean, “hi, in the eyes of fashion, my hip is totally disproportionate to my waistline and I’m a short”).

Well, what I LOVE most about the Flaminga pieces is that it ‘s the kind of clothes you see in the brazilian bloggers and you think, man, I’ll NEVER find this here in Brazil. But here comes the Flaminbelezas and sambam in the face of plus size society with her rounded and printed 50 size skirts, her short dresses and heart-stopping pants .Maaaas for you to understand what I’m really talking about, have to see the essay below:

Flaminga winter plus size clothing

♥ Midi round skirts

Yes, this is a piece that looks very beautiful and very chic in all body shapes , especially those who have a hip lord like me. In the plus size collection of winter the Flaminga has several prints and models – there’s even the party as you can see in the photos below.

Legging pant that mimics leather

One of my biggest surprises during the rehearsal, first because I thought I was not even going to get into it, second because I thought that if I came in, it would completely mark my cellulites and fats …. But not!!! And still left me with the biggest beautiful thigh. I only say one thing for these pants: love and gratitude sum up.

Most beautiful jeans in town

I loved those jeans so much that I even asked to take it home – and I did! For me, this is the PERFECT PLUS plus size jeans I have ever seen, because it has ALL the elements of a trendy , fashionable jeans and the kind you would see in the coolest stores – however it is plus size! !! She has this very clear clear wash , almost a destroyed, there it descends drying the leg shape and is a super comfortable skinny, with the ankle mouth really skinny. In addition, it has a wider waistband, which helps not to press the belly and prevents fat from bouncing .Anyway, I found it really wonderful and I’ve used it 3 times after the rehearsal.

Mine is size 50, but it lace a lot, so maybe it’s worth buying a smaller size.

Colors and patterns

Here are 3 different looks, but I wanted to talk a little bit about each one because they are really cool. The first pants have this very beautiful and modern print, which combines with several blouses. The second was a very commented piece during the rehearsal, because although it only looks like black pants, it is VERY comfortable. Like the height of comfort itself , it has a softer fabric (you can never see it in the pictures) and it really looks like you’re wearing pajamas. I loved! Besides falling very well on the body. And the third look, what about this top cropped??? People, pure love and sensuality . The pants are of the type: “give me comfort, style and a bit of forró, please”.


Colorful print or B & W, dress never goes out of style, right ? Here we have 3 different styles to contemplate any type of personality : the sexiest, the most fashionable and the most discreet.Choose yours!

Skirt flare

Or leave the bell, it will continue high in the winter . The good thing is that now you can use and abuse your socks and combinations with several shirts and shirts (which are also beautiful in this collection plus size winter Flaminga ), vests, coats, jackets, etc…Go and raze!

Total black

I already said here that in winter the black will be the new black !I do not know if you can see right in the photo, but the first two are a jumpsuit and the last one is a dress.To prove that black is not always to hide and can be very sexy and elegant!

Good gatonas, like the looks? Tell me, what’s your favorite of all? Which would you use for sure? All the looks can be seen and bought in this direct link that is the page of Flaminga where are my choices thought in the most fashionable pieces for you to use and to destroy in winter 2015!

For today is this but if you want to know more about the collection, brand, etc., follow the Flaminga on social networks Facebook and I nstagram @ flaminga.