Plus Size Triangle by s.Oliver

Well, I do not know well. So the thing is, actually have a real neck on this brand. There I auditioned several times to find out why the hell there are in every German city, Handle multiple S.Oliver stores, but nowhere Triangle, the Plus can be found Size line.

In reply I got from: we are working on it, about: this is our marketing concept, up to: we have no place. (!!) Since the place was for me taboo and with gifts could make me not lure ever. Not that I get special treatment here, so I’m not important now, but so little merchandising I always packed in the packages that I send over dresses roundabout. If I’m muchsch but then right ūüėČ

Until the next season….

As the Triangle by s.Oliver has delivered namely a large sizes collection that is impressive. Now of course I’m in a quandary. On the other hand I try also no crack for sale, but merely as my personal thing going with them (and the editor in chief’m still me …) Therefore, I must continue to say that I find it a personal insult to have online shopping where there are so many stores from. Among other things, right next to my office Blogger…

So, but now perhaps time to fashion it? Or Some parts of the upcoming winter collection 14/15:

Currently runs the summer sales. Soon the winter collection is available for purchase here be. Check PhilosophyNearby for plus size pants.

The upcoming summer collection 2015 is also before us already. Here, what to expect, after the hopefully not too hard winter that awaits us. The collection of Triangle by s.Oliver stands in the spring / summer under the slogan “From Rebel to Diva”:

Currently still running the winter sales (from 2014). Soon the winter collection is available for purchase herebe.

I must say that motto rebel Diva, I find now not so again, because I had something much more progressive expected, nevertheless, some things can be combined wundbera, perhaps even with what is to come in the winter.