Plus-Size Then And Today

From curvy women in antiquity to the plus size models at the New York Fashion Week 2015.

The fact is, what is beautiful and what is not, is in the eye of the beholder.Nevertheless, in the course of time, ideal images always stand out as a “perfect” woman has to look. Although in our generation a very slim body is considered optimal for most, there are also examples from the past in which curves and female curves were considered desirable. But even today, there are well-known personalities who prove to all that women beyond the size of clothing 36 can be beautiful, successful and great.

1400 To 1700

Female hips, a round belly and a big bosom. In the Italian Renaissance, women who corresponded to a feminine figurine type were preferred.

1840 To 1900

Curative discussion: At this time woman should have as wide hips and a wide range as possible. A narrow waist was brought into the correct shape with a corsage.

1930 To 1950

Filmdives like Marilyn Monroe were celebrated as stylicons and are models of a whole generation. All women wanted to have the sensual hourglass silhouette of the Hollywood beauty. Brigitte Bardot, also known as BB, was the sex symbol of the 1960s. Her international breakthrough was celebrated in 1956 with “And always lures the woman”.


She could easily be a descendant of the Monroe, her full lips are her trademark. In 2006, the men’s magazine GQ chose the curvy actress Scarlett Johansson (for the first time) for the Sexiest Women Alive. 7 years later she won the title again.


There was never before: in 2008, Whitney Thompson was able to outperform her thinner rivals as a plus-size model and won “America’s next Topmodel”. It can be seen, for example, in the large underwear campaign of the brand Panache Lingerie, the Whitney female figure of which fits perfectly into the fifties’ look.


In her book “Hungry” Crystal Renn tells of her long journey in the fashion industry, which drove her into the anorexia and eventually back to a healthy body awareness. “When I look at the pictures from that time with my eyes and protruding sinews, I remember what I thought: ‘A few kilos less and I would be happy.'” Today the model has overcome her eating disorder and is in the fashion industry Now more in demand than ever.


Rapid growth: Plus-size women have long been a minority. Mintel published a statistics in 2010 according to which one out of five British women is 44 (or larger) in size. In total, these are about 4.9 million women. Demand for plus size fashion has also risen significantly in recent years: in 2011, the share of plus-size fashion in the total sale of women’s clothing is about 23%. By comparison, in 2006 it was only 18%.


Curvaceous coverstars: This year the June cover of the Italian Vogue was decorated by three plus-size models.Tara Lynn, Candice Huffine and Robyn Lawley present their sensual curves in seductive lingerie. A great statement from the industry’s most important modem magazine.


Of course we love series like “Sex and the City” or “Gossip Girl”, which supposedly perfect women rule the high society of New York. It’s a pity that this world has nothing to do with reality. We were all the more pleased when, in 2012, a young woman named Lena Dunham offered a welcome alternative with her series “GIRLS” produced by HBO. Witty, authentic and gloriously self-confident, Lena alias Hannah describes her life as a fellow-twentieth and does not hesitate to show her body (with all its small flaws) unretouched.


This is what the winners look like: singer Adele, who has already been overwhelmed with countless music awards after her debut, can look forward to the most popular trophy. For her title song to the James Bond film “Skyfall” she received the Oscar in 2013. That evening, she took the gold boys in a fantastic floor-length robe by Jenny Packham and beamed in it at least as the trophy in her hands.


Welcome Variety: The cult calendar of Pirelli is expected every year, each model wants to get one of the coveted places. In addition to topmodels like Adriana Lima and Karen Elson, this year, for the first time ever, one of the navabi models can also look forward to a place on the calendar: the curvy beauty Candice Huffine provides beside her very slim colleagues for a fresh wind in the cult calendar.

2015 is also the year of the plus-size model Ashley Graham. At the beginning of the year it is announced that she will be the first curvy model to be featured in the magazine “Sports Illustrated” in a photo gallery. The magazine is well-known for photographing female silhouettes, but a plus-size model is an absolute premiere this year. Inspired by so much encouragement and media interest, Ashley Graham is still mixing the New York Fashion Week this season: Beside the usual shows of the great designers such as Chanel and Co. she convinces with the presentation of her own lingerie line (which is available here at navabi).