Plus Size Super Heldin – Not Only In Life, Now Available As Comic Book

Super heroines? You have toned body without a gram too much, narrow hips, small – rather tiny – waist, for significantly more topless, muscular arms and legs, as well as a six pack at the woman is every “Pack” inclined to give your own name. You already know we speak for once not by the “real” women, every day press the multi-tasking freestyle, but by a bastion, which is populated by muscle-bound male and female “superheroes”: comics.

Variety of shapes and size – also: size diversity – reached not only the catwalks of the fashion weeks in New York, Paris and London as well as the international marketing campaigns, but also comic book publishers in these exciting times of altered body consciousness. Alone in the United States, this industry generated sales of around $1 billion. Comics are far from there no kid stuff. Rather, they are a popular reading in children and adults and have a very long tradition in the United States. 2014 world this message caused a stir: the first edition of the Superman comics was auctioned on eBay for around 2.4 million euros! (Okay, you know I have a weakness for comics.)

Limited Comic Series With Plus Size Super Heldin

The news that the American publisher of valiant comics brings out a limited comic book series where one is plus size Super Heldin the focus – caused uproar last week or better: flies. The series appears in January 2016 Faith Herbert aka Zephyr in the solo performance.She is known as a part of the popular superhero group “The harbinger Renegades”. Faith is a welcome and refreshing comic figure, because it is simply realistic. Woman can identify with her. She has a bust size, which fits well with the rest of the body, a belly (I say like “One Pack”) and wide hips.

Faith or Zephyr has superpowers of course – she can fly and generate a force field, with which she can wear, for example, other stuff. Now that I’m in the swarm – such forces are extremely useful in everyday life, drag in the crates, or if the children do not want to listen. Faith is also lively, cheerful and loves science fiction. During the day, it is her job as a reporter after and she is flying Zephyr, which oversees Los Angeles at night.

Faith is so far the only female plus size Super Heldin in comics – that it is finally ready, we find super. Even more shows, but that the continuous efforts, actions, discussions on all media to be perceived in all countries and slow to take effect.