Plus Size Summer Clothes and Lots of Print on Rery Class

The plus size summer clothes from the new Rery Class collection are simply jaw-dropping!I know we’re still in the winter, but it’s because the brands have started to launch their next collections and I, who LOVE a color, I was completely in love with the mix of strong colors and the boldness to make the mix of prints.They are flowers, leaves, coconut trees and many, many, many cheerful colors like blue, green, yellow and orange.You can not be happier, right?!

The truth is that with all the eyes of the world facing Brazil in 2014, Rery went in search of prints that really represented our country to build the summer 2015. And it did not work? Not to mention the amount of comfortable things and with fresh fabrics, everything made for our corpitcho. Not to mention that the brand has a strict quality control of sewing, modeling and fabrics. When setting up the plus size collection , the clothes are always adapted to value our curves . So much so that it is not uncommon to find elastics at strategic points, loose sleeves and legs, more elastic fabrics and necklines in the right places.

If you do not know Rery , collections range from casual clothes to formal dress, cocktail party, graduation, party, etc. (look at you, you’ll be a godmother and do not know where to dress!).

In short, Rery Class’s plus size summer clothes follow the line I’ve seen below:

Floral Vest + Fresh Blazer

Super feminine, the evasé dress is perfect for those who have hips wider than the shoulders (like mine) or for anyone who wants to balance the two halves of the body.It’s kind of a classic that never goes out of style and you can use it for a walk in the mall, a more serious lunch and even go to work.If you want to look even more chic, a lightweight blazer leaves the look more elaborate and the face of wealth.Of breaking, the open blazer creates a verticality that makes the body become more elongated.

Dress Shirt

He has the straight cut, which can get very stripped down with a low sneaker and a bomber jacket.Or you can do like me, I chose to give a more feminine touch and mark the waist with the belt and wear a platform sandal.Either way the dress is a key piece for this summer, as it has the lightest fabric and the wonderful print.

Printed overalls

Look, if there’s a piece that was the revelation of 2014 in my life, that piece is the overalls!How have I spent so many years without knowing this comfort?!?!And this, still super Tropicália, with a colorful print and broad beeeem legs.Summer love sets.

Long printed dress

And, finally, a long dress (obvious, right, that’s me …) that brings out the best of summer: thin straps, flowing fabric, bright colors, a cheerful print and a lot of comfort.What I like about this dress is that in addition to having this series of qualities, it also works for several occasions.Like, you can go to lunch in a fancy restaurant and then go out for some good drinks with your friends, just as I can travel to the country and take a walk with the boy…You know?

Anyway, these were the plus size summer clothes that I loved the most from the new Rery Class collection and that most matched my personality.But tell me there, what did you think?!