Plus Size Style Icons:TESS MUNSTER

One of you was the one that Tess Munster has suggested and it took much too long before I got into the hooves.At Tess it was not.

Tess is loud, beautiful and a coveted plus size model from the USA.She is the mother and activist of the so-called Fatactivism and she can only be at home in one of these places: Los Angeles.

Even if I am still very happy about having a clear body, so no tattoos, I find Tess right, consistent and cool.I also like her style between Pin up and Rockabella very much.No question, that she has already several times for the shop Domino Dollhouse gemodelt.

Tess in Polkadots

That one of her great role models Peg Bundy is, you certainly guessed already.Until I get so pissed up, it takes and is only half as cool.What else can we learn from Tess?Wear good lingerie that looks beautiful and conjures you a good figure!

Who wants to know more, here a very great interview, which shows what a wonderful woman is behind the glamor.It is in English, but really easy to read.

When asked how she handles a role model for some people, Tess says:

“When I got my first letter, I cried, and I thought,” Who? Me? “To this day, I do not consider myself a role model, but more of an” ambassador “for women and men of all sizes, sex, race, etc. Believe it or not, I get a lot of emails from gay men that do not care about it. The message of loving yourself is universal, and affects us all whether we admit it or not. I would like to be in a good mood. There are so many examples of what does not exist.”©