Plus Size Shopping Maastricht

Plus Size Shopping Maastricht:

ATTENTION FIX: The Company Promiss and miss Etam have filed for bankruptcy. They are expected to close in late May / mid June, 2015.

This is a summary of significant stores for large sizes in Maastricht. If you read the whole report my tour of Holland want, including additional tips for Maastricht, click here: PLUS SIZE SHOPPING HOLLAND.

There is on one side of the bridge which crosses the Maas a boutique called Ruebens. Much Zipfel shirts and even those coats.

You can find Ruebens here: Google Maps

All other shops are located, a few meters apart, on the other side of the Meuse. So running back. Top up the square, from there to the Groote Straat. 1 Stop: M & S modes:

Now is nothing special, there are also in some German cities or online. But if you’re already there, worth daily. Something you will find there always, the selection is great, the prices low, accordingly, is the material. Good Basics and pants can look at sometimes. Here you can find M & S modes in Maastricht: Google Maps directly to the Store

  1. Plus Size Shop: Violeta by Mango
    Continue, just follow your nose, the place now in the back. For this branch has half a floor the Plus Size Line Violeta!

I know Violeta only from the Internet, Violeta Online Store get there so moderately or not at all with the sizes clear, but was a bit excited when we went down there purely and plate saw. As you can see once again that there is still a lot to do if you would be already a small sign.
Zusammegefasst: Yes, I like the style, yes, I do not fit really pure. That does not matter, many of you wear and love Violeta and here you can eliminate the branch.

Violeta in Maastricht you can find here: Google Maps Mango / Violeta Maastricht
I wanted to buy in Ezinereligion a blazer and jeans. Two stores I had been through and not take anything. What a luxury!

Stop 3: Promiss
A chain that is found in many Dutch cities, with its own oversize Division. The offer there I’d rather sporty described as classy & and sizes and cuts are set up so that I would have some here can take, there have only considered a beautiful shell.

  1. Stop: miss Etam
    Two doors down, still in the Groote Straat, comes miss Etam.

A shop that not only has a department for large and small sizes, but also for additional lengths. But attention: this variety of departments do not exist in any branch. I have here a Blazer found sitting 1A, my dear companion and tour guide, Patrizia, a pair of jeans. Here the exact Google Maps Link to miss Etam.

  1. Stop at the Plus Size Shopping Tour in Maastricht: Paprika

Continue and then but we are, after six stores, with large sizes in Maastricht by. The Groote Straat go to the end and turn right. There you will find peppers.

The collection stands out quite, although I am not coped with the cuts. There were some vintage prints and extraordinary things. Paprika has its own sizes and measurements chart, but which explain the nice saleswoman same when you walk in. I have a beautiful long cardigan in Petrol entrained. Paprika’s Mundstraat that goes on the Groote Straat. Here is the direct link Google Maps