Plus Size Shopping Holland

Plus Size Shopping in Holland: judging by what one eats so there should not be a problem ūüėČ As holding their line, I really wonder. Perhaps the Dutch go to eat to us and we go shopping there, you do not know.One thing is certain, Plus Size Shopping is in Holland a good thing, because there are actually more selection.

WARNING UPDATE (08/06/2016): Also insolvent, the chain M & S Mode. It is not known what happened next, but the fans of the brand should perhaps Over time, usually means nothing good. Neither of us buyers, not for the staff, now fearing for their jobs.

WARNING UPDATE (Jan. 2015): The Company Promiss and miss Etam have filed for bankruptcy. They are expected to close in late May / mid June, 2015.

Sometimes I feel my shopping trips already almost as investigative journalism. Like a truffle pig I would come through the country in search of beautiful clothes from size 42nd

And here we go with: Utrecht, Amersfoort, Amsterdam and Maastricht Note: who would not want to read the whole journey, can here each small summaries of Shhoppingtour for large sizes per city without find more recommendations:


1. Plus Size Shopping Maastricht:

Maastricht is a beautiful city, which, by the Maas, is divided into two halves. There is on one side of the bridge a boutique called Ruebens. Much Zipfel shirts and even those coats.

You can find Ruebens here: Google Maps
All other shops are located, a few meters away from each other, on the other side of the Meuse. So running back. Top up the square, because you can put yourself first with the chips of the country known Friture Reitz strengthen.
Must be easy if you are in Holland. There are many different toppings, I opted for sauces and fresh onions.

Refreshed then purely in the hubbub going from the square in the Groote Straat. 1 Stop: M & S modes :

Now is nothing special, there are also in some German cities or online. But if you’re already there, worth daily. Something you will find there always, the selection is great, the prices low, accordingly, is the material. Good Basics and pants can look at sometimes. Here you can find M & S modes in Maastricht:Google Maps directly to the Store

  1. Stop: Violeta by Mango
    Continue, just follow your nose, the place now in the back, on the Groote Straat Mango. For this branch has half a floor the Plus Size Line Violeta!

I know Violeta only from the Internet, Violeta Online Store get there so moderately or not at all with the sizes clear, but was a bit excited when we went down there purely and plate saw. As you can see once again that there is still a lot to do if you would be already a small sign.
Zusammegefasst: Yes, I like the style, yes, I do not fit really pure. That does not matter, many of you wear and love Violeta and here you can eliminate the branch.

If you would like you to move to Holland You go by the way in which:

The word I find so cute that I had to say it all the time. “I’m going up into the Paskamer”
On the road again, do you go easy on. I wanted to buy in Holland a blazer and jeans. Two stores I had been through and not take anything. What a luxury!

Stop 3: Promiss
A chain that is found in many Dutch cities, with its own oversize Division. The offer there I’d rather sporty described as classy & and sizes and cuts are set up so that I would have some here can take, there have only considered a beautiful shell.

  1. Stop: miss Etam
    Two doors down, still in the Groote Straat, comes miss Etam. A shop that not only has a department for large and small sizes, but also for additional lengths. But attention: this variety of departments do not exist in any branch. I have here a Blazer found sitting 1A, my dear companion and tour guide, Patrizia, a pair of jeans.
  2. Stop at the Plus Size Shopping Tour in Maastricht: Paprika

Continue and then but we are, after six stores, with large sizes in Maastricht by. The Groote Straat go to the end and turn right. There you will find peppers. The collection stands out quite, although I am not coped with the cuts. There were some vintage prints and extraordinary things. Paprika has its own sizes and measurements chart, but which explain the nice saleswoman same when you walk in. I took a beautiful long cardigan in petroleum here.

Paprika’s Mundstraat that goes on the Groote Straat. Here is the direct link Google Maps

But you must not go shopping in Maastricht. For I have a tip for you. There you can spend the whole day.On Instagram my text read this: THIS IS MY CATHEDRAL
And just as I mean it. A deconsecrated church, in a book shop plus café is retracted, the Dominicanenbookstore. Can I use a church better? I do not think so.

Without my experienced guide Patrizia I would anyway not know. She simply has purely led me and waited for my face. I guess I had not only are the mouth open, but also a small tear in his eye. See for yourself:

The most beautiful bookshop in the Netherlands, can be found here: Google Maps link to the bookstore in church.
Dominicanerkerkstraat 1, 6211 CP, Maastricht

When you are back on the court, to the left of the Groote Straat is still a shop interior, small delicatessen leak Erreien and much to watch.

should look around a bit you in Maastricht also. The city is young, has a lot of design and historical, such as the Basilica.

2. Plus Size Shopping in Holland: Amersfoort

Amersfoort is a cute little town near Utrecht. The shops are clear and summarized in a small center and the main shopping street. There you will find M & S Mode, miss Etam (with sizes) and promiss (without plus size department) and: ZIZZI.

As is always the case when you can have it all, you will find nothing. Abundance is not good. I tortured myself by all Jeans and Jean buying is genuine Monday under the clothes purchases and was then hypoglycaemic and annoyed. Here, the store is absolutely beautiful. Already made very appealing from the outside and inside, there is, in addition to the collection of ZIZZI, comfortable changing rooms and small coffees. Anyone traveling to Amsterdam and Plus Size makes shopping, should, if it is on the road, do stop there.

You can find the Zizzi shop in Amersfoord in: Langestraat 57 Here the Google Maps link to the shop

On the way to Amsterdam we were really well, yet, we spontaneously for the “better Amsterdam” namely Utrecht decided and previously attended Zizzi Store here.

Those who still walked a little in Ammersfoort, should before the churches, or what is left, namely the overarching belfry, pause. Again a great place. Look on the floor, there is with darker stones the former layout of the church traced. Inside the way, is the center of the Netherlands.

Opposite the tower, I can recommend the film Café. It belongs to a cinema and there are snacks and delicious coffee. If you come in summer, you will have more choice and the whole place will be colorful and full here.

3. Plus Size Shopping in Holland: Utrecht

Here I have no longer visit all the chains have all the same offer. But the addresses are the following:

Promiss: Radboud Traverse 24, 3511 Utrecht on Google Maps (as of March 2015: VAT plus size department) Bagoes: lead Carmakoma, Studio and X-Two. St. Jacobsstraat 251, 3511 BP Utrecht on Google Maps Miss Etam: 1. Radboud Traverse 3, 0800-7010 Google Maps 2. Roelantdreef 16, 0800-7010 Google Maps 3. Outlet, Hammerskjoldhof 33 Google Maps If anybody breaks forth, please report times.

But I knew in the first café of place, so to speak, have a beer with 14%. Although now no one believes me, I have decided on the shape of the glass, just wanted to try something and then Utrecht was somehow even funnier!

They are the dutch… Protipp park is here, as everywhere in Holland, with costs. In Utrecht there is to note a special. You have to be license plates enter and the time how long you want to stay. The menu is self-explanatory, but if you do not know that, you stand only times goofy there. And again: drift, watch people and watch in front of the cyclists. As you can see, there are beautiful here to discover and enjoy a young city. The canals here are way different, I will not say better again now. Look below, where you can sit in the summer dirket the water.

4. Plus Size Shopping Holland: Amsterdam


Although I was a few times in Amsterdam, but did not visit the following shops on the 2015 Tour. From my colleagues from the Netherlands, I know that all addresses are up to date and I have ordered from them a couple of statements, provided that they were in the last six months there. Can only about my personal impression I tell you anything because I was last there five years ago and has happened in the meantime, too. The best so: you give me by your Amsterdam Tripp feedback and I add your impressions here for all added.

Large Sizes in Amsterdam, advice from my colleagues from the Netherlands, the: When you arrive at the station to Amsterdam extends, like almost all the cities in the Netherlands, in ever increasing half circles in front of you. FOREVER21 – Kalverstraat 11 Rokin Plaza Google Maps With Plus Size Division A little further up, at best by tram towards Dam square (about 10 minutes) and get off at “Albert Cuypstraat” there are four tips for you: . 1 The Albet Cuyp Market is the largest market in Holland and here you can see from the avocado on frills, handbags, jewelry to large selection of clothing including plus size jackets. You can also eat there or just watch the world go. The market is open Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:00. Google Maps Link

In the same street there are two plus size shops:

  1. Foxy Brown Styling Albert Cuypstraat 266 Google Maps Very nice there, but also very expensive. 3. Fame. Albert Cuypstraat 223 cheaper, but not really trendy Google Maps If you’re already there: 4.Leathers , Albert Cuypstraat 254 Google Maps performing sometimes leather clothing to the larger sizes, if you still can and you should, you take again the tram from Dam Square to Bilderdijkstraat. There you will find: Mate Loos in Frederik Hendrikstraat 84 Google Maps Everything one desires Plus Size Heart, including lingerie with big cups, swimwear and even Anna Schola there are on offer. The tip of my fellow par. There are of low to the hundreds of choice. Plus Size Shoppig in Amsterdamm M & S mode: The oversize chain is spread over the whole city. So you’ll stumble with security through a branch. Middenweg 20, Amsterdam (in the east) Google Maps Buikslotermeerplein 139, Amsterdam (in the north) Goolge Maps Osdorpplein 622, Amsterdam (in the West) Google Maps Miss Etam: there, but leads, as of March 2015, Oversize and no long sizes. Since you have to Maastricht or Amersfoort. When it what has changed, please notify us. It’s a beautiful necklace. And now again the note: who wants to have it clear, here is a summary of shopping for larger sizes: 1. Maastricht 2. Utrecht 3. Amersfoort 4. Amsterdam and yet a little explanation why in Holland such beautiful Plus Size Stores there ūüėČ