Plus Size Paete Jacket And Velvet Dress: To Shine A LOT!

Hello darlings! I do not even know how to talk about this plus size cotton jacket because my eyes SHINE along with it!!!

It’s very exciting to find a piece as soon as it fits my body, since until a while ago we only found things to “hide” and the style and daring were not an option for those who wore more than 44.

So what if I’m fat ?! And if I want to shine EVEN and call MUCH attention in the ballad, in the street, in life ?! What if I really want to dress like a rock star and I do not care what others think?!? What if I really want to live a life full of colors, sparkles and textures?!? What if I find that regardless of my weight or my body, do we have fun at the time of dressing?!? AND?!

For me, fashion has always been more than consumption. Fashion is an empowering tool that makes me feel part of society that makes me express myself creatively and overflow my personality . For me, fashion has always been a way for me to look in the mirror and be sure of who I am and also be able to show other people how I feel… And I feel like this: colorful, bright… POWERFUL !!!

That’s why it makes me EXCITED to find pieces like this jacket-and even with the velvet dress, which is a super trend-because in addition to making ANY difference in the look and express much of how I feel, it also means a very big step The plus size fashion have a parts that I consider really DESIRE.

I even got carried away at the time of makeup and accessories hua hua hua. Because YES, we can use WHAT WE CAN UNDERSTAND: from the plus size jacket to the blue eyeliner above the concave!!!! Oo

And that’s how I say it: did not you like it ?! Turn the face !! Hua hua hua

Plus Size Paete Jacket  And Velvet Dress : To Shine A LOT! 

Ahhhh is to say that this is that magical paetê , which on one side is colored and the other is black matte, so if you arrange the partitions to one side the coat is all black… But so what is the grace, no? HUA HUA HUA

Of course I would not even have to say that I’ve already used this look to go to parties AND at family lunches (those who accompany me on social networks have already seen hehe). So my tip is not to stick to the rule anyway and use whatever you want the time you want, because life is one-and I will YES use brightness during the day if I want!

Well, pussies, that’s it for now, but tell me in the comments what you think of the look, if they would use it and if they are happy when they find pieces that you consider MUUUUUITO legal !!!