Plus Size Outfits for Wedding Guest

As the wedding season approaching, many questions fuse in the head brides, of course, but also in those of their relatives and friends! If finding the right outfit can be complicated for all, this is even more true when one is round. How to be chic but without overdoing it, and without leaving his savings account? It helps you choose the large robe for you if you witness a wedding-or godmother, or simply to be on top at a future ceremony.

The first thing to do is determine your needs: you are not obliged to buy all of your outfit, you can certainly reuse a pair of shoes that you already have, or a stole jewelry! The second step is to determine your budget and the style of dress you are looking for: You must be pretty, but above all you feel comfortable in your outfit-if you see, you’ll be ringside seat as far appear beautiful and serene! Finally, ask yourself the question of knowing your type of morphology : we do not dress the same way a silhouette in A, with well full hips and a tiny chest, a silhouette V, with more curves marked on the upper body.

Be Chic and Comfortable in a Pretty Large Robe

If you want to wear a dress near the body, do not miss out because of a bead or a roundness that you do not like stress: rather bet on the pretty shapewear and wear whatever makes you want! By starting online shopping for wedding guest books, think about how often you wear formal dresses. If you have a lot, it may be wise to invest in one dress, more expensive, will you perfectly and you can accompany with different accessories, rather than buying two medium dresses. But beware: if you witness, a friend or a sister of the bride, you should not be more beautiful than the bride herself! Finally, absolutely avoids white dresses, cream or ecru color: these colors are reserved for the bride, do not steal the limelight.

Being a witness does not forbid you to be attractive, quite the contrary! We love the feminine cut of this dress that covers the shoulders and upper arms while sublimating your figure scoring good size. It is ideal for those with a slightly marked size. Warning, if you witness a religious wedding, planning a bolero or shawl to cover your cleavage, a little dip. This large sized wrap-cut dress costs € 49.99 in , where you will find the sizes 46-52. It also exists in blue and black.

A diva dress for large and Curvy Women

The arty prints are very feminine, and right on trend for summer 2014: we will not deny it. If you are rather large, why not build on a pretty maxi dress? We could not resist this maxirobe empire waist, which sublimate your tan this summer, and that does not need a lot of accessories, through its looks already very elaborate. You will find the Border Print Maxi Dress at Simply Be Euro, in sizes from 42 to 58 for € 112.50.

A Dress Preppy Large Ceremony

If you do not have many opportunities, why not opt for a dress that you can easily see every day? We love the look a little retro this skater dress with polka dots, black and white, the cup sage is perfectly suited for a ceremony! To avoid too severe look, associate it with a scarf and color of shoes, a nice make-up and voila! This black polka dot dress and pleats is available up to size 50 in , where it costs only € 19.

Classic or eccentric: what kind of witness you be? Share us your outfits ideas, and photos in large robe to inspire our readers in search of looks!