Plus Size Outfit Day // The Last Year

87 post later and already is over the year. The wars so (almost) with 2012, I can’t believe how fast the year past is gone, 12 months ago I was still terrified and panic of the upcoming last academic year, the Bachelor work and graduation. Somehow, and I enough often wonder how I did it every case to complete my studies and work to write a Bachelor’s degree, which was also good. When I think back, exactly this topic has pretty much dominated the first half of the year and captured. The second half of the year, was more dedicated to the pleasure: a week Paris, a super great cooking course plus wine tasting, very many wonderful, new people in my life, abundant cuddle time on the sofa, Skyrim, and plenty of time to sleep in. And in addition to all the? Remains of course a huge part of my life and my blog. He played an important role this year because he was part of my undergraduate work, I’ve got many new readers and made contacts, met great people and collected many wonderful experiences. And now we finally bridge the gap to the fashion that there have also very much this year.

87 post later and the year is over again. Thats it for 2012 and I can’t believe how quick it went. It was the year of my bachelor thesis, the end of university and to be true, this topic kind of engrossed the first half of the year. I often wonder how I made it through all of this but somehow I graduated university with a pretty good mark. The second half of the year was all about pleasure: a week in Paris, a fun cooking course and a wine tasting, meeting so many wonderful new people, lots of partys, cuddling up in bed, sleeping in so often, Skyrim and of cause my blog. It took a quite big part this year, got bigger and also was part of my Bachelor Thesis. So now let’s move on to fashion:

Ich habe versucht meine Lieblingsoutfits aus dem letzten Jahr zusammen zu stellen, und das war gar nicht so leicht, denn (beruhigender Weise) finde ich die meisten meiner Outfits aus diesem Jahr immer noch ziemlich gut. Da haben wir zum Beispiel eins meiner absoluten Lieblings Accessoires in diesem Jahr: ein großer Blumen Kranz auf dem Kopf. Oder mein definitiv meist getragenes Kleidungsstück, der schwarze Rock auf dem vorletzten Bild. Sowieso habe ich in den letzten Monaten meine Liebe für Röcke entdeckt, ich könnte nur noch Röcle und Blusen tragen.

I tried to collect all my favorite outfits together, and it wasn’t that easy. I think (lucky me) that I like still most of what I have been wearing this year like one of my favourite hair pieces a big flower crown. I of thus developed a last big love for skirts in the past months and I kept wearing the black one over and over again.

At the beginning of the year, I have my shoes be Glitters, since Paris, they are unfortunately a bit damaged and “traipsing through”, but I am already considering for next year to make a new pair, glitter I have still enough. One of my absolute favourite dresses is the hearth, cream lace dress from Primark. Actually something that I had never been, but I think it’s still wonderful. The outfit was on but also a wonderful day, the day I met my pummel fairies outdoor whales schwibbel buffing Edwards in Düsseldorf and met Adams

2012 I’ve seen fashion many things dared, I had a warm out, full-length ball gown, I wore only leggings and a see-through blouse in the summer, my skirts were short and narrow my blouses and I felt really good all year round.

My beloved pair of glitter shoes only lasted one year, I want to wear them the last time tomorrow, but I am the thinking of creating new once for next year. One of my favorite dresses this year what the cream colored lace dress from Primark. The best outfit with it what when I went to Düsseldorf of to see some fellow blogger girls who I took to my heart♥

2012 i did some new things fashion wise. Wearing a dress to my grduation ball with a poofy, floor length skirt, going out in only leggings and a sheer blouse in summer, wearing shorter skirts and tight blouses and I did feel really great in everything of that.

Also my hair are gone through different phases and in March became ever longer since my last haircut. I hope that I can breed them diligently continue next year, for much longer than I have at the moment, I’ve never had them in life.

My hair went through development this year, after my last cut in march I laid it grow out, trying different colors and hoping to grow it the longest I have ever had next year.

What fashionable adventures have you experienced this year? Did you sign something that I have never worn? Or a trend loved, you found the earlier times goofy? I also look forward to the reviews of the other bloggers! I wish a great new year all you night and a happy new year. By the way, after that, comes to 13:00 ^^ even my new year’s Eve outfit

Which fashion adventure did you go through in 2012? Did you try something totally new or fell in love with a trend you used to hate? I am excited to see how the other girls expirienced their year 2012! I so wish you a great new years eve. By the way arround 13.00 (German time) there will be my outfit for tonight on my blog.