Plus Size Outfit Day // Get Ready For Saturday Night

Her sweet cupcakes, it’s time again POD. The theme this month is “Get ready for saturday night” and since I was eh in my ex-uni Photo Studio, I took the chance and took the pictures for the POD there. Is also something else. I know you know the blouse from before, but I love her just very and I find quiet times can show, how well combined bar she is and that I will wear them on all possible occasions, as for example to go out, with friends meet, to work or to school.

Lovely cupcakes, again it is time for the POD. This month our topic what ‘get ready for saturday night”, as I had the chance to get into the photo studio at my ex-university to take some pictures for job applications. I took the chance to so take some pictures of on outfit I had worn the weekend before. Actually it is a blouse you have Lakes on my first POD but I like it so much, and I wear it for everything no metter if it is party or going for a cocktail, to university, just chilling with friends. It is awesome because you can wear it really chic, but so casual or even a bit flirty.

I don’t have any getting ready pictures but I will tell you the story from the saturday night I had this outfit on. I was a little big hungover from friday night, and me and Björn me with a lovely and awesome and so beautiful girl called Pia. We know her for some time now but we haven’t really spend time together so we went out to have a glass of whine together. One glass became 2 or 3 or maybe 4? Then we met some girls who were giving away free entrees to a dicso called “Farout” which is a place I would never go but this night, we threw all our normal habits and stuff overboard and went there to have a fabulous night. And we had, the bar keeper became our friend pretty quickly and we had a lot of Jägermeister and Tequila for just a tiny bit of money. We danced to trashy music and occupied the whole dance floor for ourself. It was so much fun and I totally went out of my normal comfort zone. The funniest thing was, the I said to 3 different people during the day, that we will definitely just have one drink and I will not go out tonight, but as you see, sometimes things get totally out of control.

I did indeed not “getting ready” photos, but for this I tell the story to the evening when I wore this outfit. It was the Saturday before the shooting and I was slightly verkartert by Friday evening. Bjorn and I had a date the beautiful and great PIA with a girlfriend, we already know that we spent but never got, a date to a glass to drink wine. A glass were 2, 3 or 4 but? Then we met is still a few girls have distributed the flyer for free admission for the Farout, normal would I not go there, but on this night we all have thrown our prejudice aside and made us on the way to a great night. We have us quickly made friends with the bartender and get too much JÄGERMEISTER and tequila from him for very little money. Much music danced, I actually don’t like that almost alone besieged dance floor and had fun and I’m so much totally out of my comfort zone out come. The funniest is easy, that I said previously at least 3 people on the day, that we drink only go but I want to celebrate any event 😀

I paired this outfit with my beloved H & M inclusive skirt, a simple black bra from Style369 and my converse. You might have noticed that I am a bit obsessed with these shoes again at the moment. They are just so easy to wear and great for a bit Michael weather. For a little twist I knotted the blouse up and showed a little bit of skin. 

I have the blouse combined with one of my favourite skirts, a simple black bra and my current favorite shoes: black converse. I am once again total fan because at the moment, because they are just so easy to carry. To give even a small kick the whole, I tied the blouse together and show a little skin.

At the end of the “shooting” Björn and I got a big silly and started to take stupid pictures from a very high angle. Makes me look pretty tall and with huge eyes 😀

At the end of the shoot Björn and I were still a bit goofy and have got gebloedelt and this chic photo by me xD

You should visit the other blogger in any case, I wonder what they have conjured up so.

You should check out the other blogs I am the curious what they did.