Plus Size Motorcycle Jackets

The Furygan Summer Vented Jacket

Replaced in 2013 by the Genesis range Vented (Claw or Mistral), the Summer Vented Jacket Furygan is a jacket for the summer high tenacity polyester that offers excellent resistance to abrasion. It is equipped with homologated protectors Series CE, shoulders and back.

It has zipped pullers in the back to ensure good circulation of the air flow and thus gives good ventilation during hot periods. Presents. Reflective inserts, zip connection for trousers and the possibility of adjustable tightening at the waist and arms.

Plus Size Motorcycle Jackets2
A visitor we have also strongly recommended “just to say I’m delighted we wrote Laurent buy Summer of the vented jacket Furygan, it is well ventilated and the morning if it’s a little cool a small enough light sweater, nice finish and nothing to reproach him I highly recommend it to all who are looking for a jacket summer both comfortable to wear and protective.

Genesis Vented have similar characteristics, and we used the Furygan Vented Genesis 2 , the most versatile of the line due to its waterproof and breathable insert. Approved PPE, it is against that by Urban level, due to the absence of backbone which may be remedied; a pocket is provided for this purpose to accommodate a CE D3O protection offering an optimum level of protection.

Blouson Alpinestars T-GP Plus Air

List Price: € 159.95 uros | Sizes : S to 5XL

T-GP more Air presented Alpinestars is the declination of the leather of his GP Plus in textile manufacturing and is intended for the summer.  This jacket makes fabric 600 denier polyester, is equipped with approved CE protectors at elbows and shoulders . It also features padded dorsal and thoracic compartments can accommodate CE protections.
The Alpinestars T-GP Plus Air offers both a large ventilation and abrasion resistance.
The plus size jacket Alpinestars T-GP Plus Air is available in two colors: black, white / black

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The jacket Bering Aero

Price: € 129 uros | Sizes : S to 5XL

The notice Motoblouz : “One of our best sellers! ”

The notice Motoservices “An interesting jacket, which is conspicuous by its value very attractive price. Add to this the CE elbow and shoulder protectors, an original foam back (which may be replaced by a protector!), And a belt loop for connecting the jacket with pants with a belt, and the tour is played. Bonus: original colors are available.

  • This article is no longer available in the catalog Bering summer 2013

The Jacket Airmesh Evo IXS

Price: € 108 uros | Sizes : S to 5XL

The opinion of Motoservices: The Jacket IXS Airmesh Evo is a hyper-ventilated summer jacket in classic look and comfortable cut in a polyester fabric 500 denier and Airmesh.
This jacket offers a good price / quality ratio. It will bring you a sense of freshness during your bike rides. It combines safety, comfort and elegance. A jacket that you should apprécierer on the road when the sun will type a bit. Protections elbows and shoulders CE approved. The jacket IXS Airmesh Evo is available in two colors:
Black / White, Black and Black / Grey

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The jacket Ixon Hacker Game

Suggested retail price: € 114 uros | Sizes : XS to 3XL the

The notice Motoblouz “The jacket Ixon Hacker Game a top selling !! ” The notice Motoservices:” As often with Ixon, a very technical jacket cheap. We appreciate the points that differentiate it from the competition, like the micro peach lined collar and a tightening of battery for optimal fit. The tassel? A sale price a lightweight jacket and very wearable. It has 4 pockets, 2 external closing by a zipper which is very convenient in everyday life. The protections are good it is indeed equipped hulls shoulders, elbows and a back protector to ensure maximum safety.

The ACE Mesh Jacket Helstons

MSRP 148 € uro | Color: Black | Sizes : XS to 4XL the

The notice Motoblouz “A new jacket in Helstons 2011 collection which is expected to win a great success for the summer. “The notice Motoservices: This Helstons ACE man jacket summer version is made of perforated technical fabric Airdura and Mesh. This really is the ideal jacket ideal for the summer. It also has a fixed lining Breathable mesh with 2 zippered removable CE protectors (shoulder, elbow and back) and a back pocket containing about jacket against the rain.

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A Selection of Motorcycle Jacket for Summer

The Dorsal, Essential

Motoservices: “By default, motorcycle jackets that we present in this page are fitted with a foam back and CE protectors on shoulders and elbows. If a foam backing is an economical solution for the manufacturer to claim full protection without breaking the price of the motorcycle jacket, it’s better than nothing (depending on its density, however it protects more or less well against small shocks on the vertebrae), a foam backing is insufficient for road use and too little protection even for urban use (much more we encounter dangerous obstacles for back in town and on the road: poles, sidewalks, street furniture…). There are two types of ridges: ridges that fit into the pocket provided for this purpose by the motorcycle jackets manufacturers in plus size clothes, and “autonomous” ridges that have straps and tightening and start directly on the back under clothing . Think what happens to choose an airy and breathable back, they avoid ending up with his back soaked after a few kilometers in the sun. Attention like clothing, back have several sizes. The autonomous ridges also provide cover so much the more or less back vertebrae …

  • The dorsal to complete any motorcycle or scooter jacket

The more Motoservices: “To complete the purchase of a jacket, do not neglect purchasing a lightweight breathable neck and unlined A choker also protects many drafts as insects. could slip into the jacket collar and come bite you. the choker or bandana also protects runoff of the summer rain (or sweat…) along the neck, and any irritation related friction jacket collar on the neck skin, rendered particularly sensitive in the summer because of the sweat and heat. A choker also prevents sunburn on the neck! ”

Our advice: there are regular promotions on Motoblouz with significant discount on the retail price so it is recommended before purchasing a motorcycle jacket consult their site.