Plus Size Model Trend

Tired of not seeing large models who look like us? Unable to project according to its morphology when everything is presented on size 40? And if the revolution was finally here?

We want models who look like us!

If there is a phrase we often hear both in writing and reading all your reactions is that we’re tired of not finding sites on clothing for women round of large models size like us. Not a bit of belly, maximum size 42/44 while clothing will offer up 60 more… One walks on the head!

It seems that offer plus-size model who look like us, it would not seller … Of course… But how to project into a garment when worn by a model who has not the slightest beginning of tummy , no plump thighs, not chubby arms?

It is not known if this does not dream, but one thing is certain is that this becomes a real drag to some clients who go to boycott the brands offering plus size clothing on mannequins size 38.

At 46etplus, We Love Women’s Bodies

The least we can say is that does not fit at all in this logic. The brand has always considered that curvy women should not be hidden. Its creator, Edmond Boublil was among one of the first to organize large fashion shows by offering models directly from customers.

The brand broke new ground by opening it a little over a year the first megastore dedicated to plus size fashion and will now further.

The idea was born of 46etplus heard remarks from clients who joked about the famous physiques H, O, X, V, 8, etc. For him, women are not letters of the alphabet is euphemistically used to not talk about the curves that we have here or there.

For the designer, it was the chest, abdomen, buttocks, we dare the words as they are not insults, quite the contrary.

It must be said that the brand is familiar with the body of curvy women. Here, unlike many manufacturers, the gradations of each garment are not made mechanically, but on real women . It is not enough to go up in size by adding centimeters in width. You have to move a clip, change the length, adjust the collar, move the pocket, etc. Nothing is left to chance, everything is designed and built to fall perfectly and enhance the silhouette for each size.

But then, how to know what clothing is suitable to your body?

Morpho Advice: Women are not letters or numbers!

Nothing more simple: we stop hiding behind the bodies of women of letters, and plus-size model shows that look like us.

46etplus decided to revolutionize the morphology pages for round by offering 10 different silhouettes… No drawings or shadows … No letters or numbers, but real women posing in tacky (This) and support bra (Anita), the same for each model so that you can identify with a particular model .

Everything becomes super simple: If you have any doubt, you put yourself in front of your mirror and you compare.

Once you have identified your body type, you can click on the picture. Page will show you the size of clothing and lingerie model.

But that’s not all … To guide you, you’ll also see the model wearing an outfit from the collection 46etplus. You will see then that when one is familiar with its morphology, it becomes very easy to put his body in value and to end the complex because it is round!

You will notice how we often have a false image of ourselves, an image shifted, not corresponding to reality.

Finished casting errors in your clothes, thanks to this revolutionary morpho page, you immediately know what will or not you, what size to order and if in doubt, customer service is here to help you … and above all, it is good for morale to see which can be round and beautiful! We are so many to doubt …

We wanted plus-size model who look like us, we have them. What do you think–?