Plus Size Model Competition

Plus Size Model contest and the final at Ulla Popken:Ulla Popken looked for the new face for the coming season and such competitions are not uncommon.Again and again, we present in the Curvy News customers, who are not looking for agencies or brands for oversize the competition.

Sometimes a new face is sought, sometimes it is a PR action followed by calendar shooting , as with sheego 2013.

At regular intervals, the last time in 2010, Ulla Popken is holding a casting for a new generation model.

The nice thing is that the winners actually act as a house model and Obendrein gets a contract with an agency for which she can prove herself a year.From the last winner, I know she is well booked and has an exciting side job so far.

This time, however, not only the ladies but also the gentlemen were sought. The latter for the Plus Size brand Johannes.From a total of 2,600 applications were then 12 finalists for the final week with all Zipp and Zapp.Catwalk training, styling, setcard-shooting, fitting dates and on 28.09.then walk over a course, do not stumble.

The final took place directly before the jury in a beautiful loft in Bremen.Quite pretty place, free drinks (I drive by…) and loads of great people who fired their favorites.It had to be a quadrangle with several steps, which was not exactly easy.But all of this has always been in view, and I believe this shared also did the excited participants quite well.They were presented, moderated by Susann Atwell, on various outfit themes such as travel, Wiesn, Wedding and Party.

This implementation I liked.In the head sat the jury, composed of professionals with a lot of experience – there was, of course, single poses and once again give the right gas.The only drawback: the theme of the bed.Ok, the boys in open tops, were nice to look at, but the ladies in floor-length night shirts?I asked myself briefly what it was supposed to do.Perhaps it is also evidence of self-confidence to bring the parts to the catwalk, because of which it always hails criticism.

Meanwhile, there was a show act with Ross Antony.In an earlier job he met me when he started with Bros’Sis.He was then and is still a little nuisance, but he can sing.He joined up with his opera singing man, who gave him the stage willingly, what was good.So much to the secret of a good marriage.

Charlotte from Leipzig and Jürgen from Paderborn ultimately made the race, probably quite unanimously on my demand with the jury. Congratulations! It must be mentioned that the women are much more courageous. So very ordinary guys with a belly have only very few advertised. The toasted men all had an oversize, but a bit of bacon was none, on the contrary. It does not have to be, but perhaps also one or the other can escape a chance. (just courage guys!)