Plus-size Model at Minx

Plus-size model at Minx and probably soon everywhere. Somehow it was indeed in the air and it was only a matter of time before the first collection of the Berlin Fashion Week is running in a size 42+. We start Eva Lutz with her Lable Minx.
Although I Natalia W√∂rner (in the first few minutes on the Red Carpet) the “Plus Size” not really pick up, it shows one thing: many women, even those who with their figure corresponds to the current ideal of beauty, “normal” women want to see on the catwalks.
on the curvy, the Plus Size Fair, which took place at the same time, however, it was more down to the clothing sizes of models. So already fit this year, involuntarily, the scenery, the fashion tent in which a size 38 was unthinkable and the Models of Plus Size Mass almost something.
Of course, not really, a collection of a 44er model, but still.

After all, even that such production was once again such a scandal that pretty much everyone has reported: The world described with: In dress size 44 on the Berlin catwalk and even communicated the hashtag # stop body shaming

We remember the news two years ago from NY, where the collection of plus size men’s clothes designer Businessjust had dominated the CNN news. And just because she – was on the regular Fashion Week demonstrated – God forbid! Here are the thick but her own weekly, the Full Figured Fashion Week. ūüėČ

So all in all, a development which I like. Anyone who reads here some time or more passes, knows my personal taste point of view. It would prefer if it would not give me and everyone could just live once relaxed and dress. Until then, you can keep you up to date with me on the latest developments.