Plus Size Maxi Dresses

The maxi dress is a must have in the summer! Lightweight and very comfortable to wear, it is ideal as soon as temperatures rise and can adapt to every occasion. So here are our top plus size dresses resulted in long version!


While on Long Plus Size Dresses For Summer 2015 Resulted

The robe is often afraid to smaller or more rounded as it can in fact settle. However, the maxi dress can well suit all body types if well chosen and accessorized.

How long dress for any morpho?

First, if you are small, it is imperative to wear heels to jump silhouette. Form side of the dress, prefer V-neck so that your figure is not packed.

Morphologies A: bet on a model or thin straps tied in the neck to give build. Prefer for a maxi dress size large bicolor whose top is flashy or printed and the bottom darker. If you do not have too much belly, choose a dress form empire / princess / smokee that will erase the roundness of the belly and buttocks.

Morphologies V: unlike the morpho in A, that is on the bottom of your dress to Bring volume through a printed or color. Preferably choose a model with short sleeves or wide straps. Also opt for a square neckline if you have a very generous chest.

Morphologies H: it is imperative for you to create the illusion of size, feel free to choose a model with low waist tie or wear a low waist if the model does not.

Morphologies O: the bright color or patterns in the stomach area should be avoided. Choose a model with V-neck to elongate your figure and wear a long necklace.

Morphologies 8: you have carte blanche!

What to Wear The Maxi Dress?

What is important is first to choose the right dress. Consider your course morphology but also your age and style.

To create your look, it’s all about accessories! If you want to wear your plus size dresses resulted casual way, please play the jacket denim Association (short enough to structure all) and sandals / flip flops flat.

Maxi Dress: our top 5 Plus Size Dresses Resulted

Bohemian Chic

We completely love this gorgeous dress with floral print season, perfect worn with cork wedges appearance.

Ceremony in sight!

We found you the perfect plus size dress for a wedding in style and elegance.


Feline and irresistible this maxi dress on top to bring focus on the lower body while showcasing cleavage.

So Girly

Butterfly and bright pink make up the combo of perfect feminine maxi dress to perfection.


We love this ultra graphic duo dress in navy / white lengthens the silhouette with elegance.Version seaside with barefoot and wide-brimmed hat or evening with heels and clutches, she can play multiple styles.

Whether you have not yet found your outfit for a ceremony or looking for a dress to be comfortable on vacation, you will necessarily blow of heart among our plus size dresses for summer 2015 resulted in top!