Plus Size Leather Jackets

It’s Josine founder of blog the Our site which is our look of the week. It proposes a leather jacket look and large that made us cracked. It decrypts!


You do not know Josine? She is the author of the blog “The Bigger blog.” After working in the fashion industry, she decided to change his life and embarked on a new adventure: to offer women round outfits designed for them and above looks tailored to their forms.

With 1m70 and size 48, she tries for us and we appreciate the fact that she knows we offer easy outfits to wear. This is the case with his look and large jacket that was a-do-re!

MS Mode

MS Mode is one of those rare brands that have both a few shops and a website. It offers plus size leather jackets really designed for curvy women but still fashionable size 40 to 54 . Each will find happiness as all trends are represented, you might want an ultra classic clothing or something young and hip.

This look consists of jeans. In MS mode, the crotch pants caught the attention of designers. You have systematically pants that fits the buttocks and that will be perfect on the thighs and abdomen. You then choose your preferred model: boyfriend , bootcut or slim and even color. Remember, however, that if you have very round thighs, it is best to bet on black or raw denim jeans in order not to add extra volume.

Plus Size Leather Jackets

Upstairs, the beautiful Josine has a sublime large jacket textured pink . It is slightly curved to ensure a perfect appearance and flat pockets give it a chic side. We love the original tissue that déringadise a color that can sometimes seem a bit classic. The door is adjusted to lengthen the silhouette . It also exists in other colors: black, gray and navy, to 54 at a price of € 69.99, but we love the color Malabar!

The plaid blouse is not always easy to wear especially when one is looking for a dress that is not too casual. She quickly turns to the cowboy shirt. This is the art mixer plus size clothing with each other to know that the match this light pink jacket. It is available in two colors, up to 52 at a price of € 34.99.

You see, you can have fun with fashion. You’ll carry your jeans with … Pretty much everything. Your shirt will be perfect open range on a t-shirt for a more casual look , and your jacket is ultra chic on a skirt or black pants and you will also find both in summer and winter!What more?