Plus Size Jumpsuit and Armfrei

Those are again NO GOES or? But since we at ME, DO had already armfrei now, one really only that it is a one piece. So earth-shattering, that’s not for me but for a long time a garment in which I did not really know. Maybe I thought too often at Hella mad thereby. This “wheel-thickness” think about this from the transmitter.

Well, Jumpsuit is indeed such a thing, in which she has only done the hard Plus Size industry. Now he can be seen in many collections 42+ and also in the streets, he comes more often before. I have used the outfit to make a bit fancier “From summer to autumn” styling. Perhaps some remember last year: Transitional outfit 2013.

Here now came a long knitted coat and a hat to xxl blouses. Something elegant and comfortable such that I had both almost no longer extended.
We have photographed the images as part of an event, in which I had already made up already professional and the location was just great and has been exploited. It was the blogger event of sheego & Anna Scholz in Hotel The George, Hamburg.

So, if I now the mega Jumpsuit fan will, let’s see. In any case you can see that my summer has been good. So I was tanned, without leave, long time. On occasion, perhaps a belt would still quite good. And what I see now, and has perhaps to do with the background, a splash of color, such as the beautiful yellow bag, in the form of a bright red, oh, I’m too critical again.

As it is with you, who wears a jumpsuit? And maybe you had this experience also with: This is not me and then – oops, I was wrong well, as with the hat. Den I put on for fun, because it anyway is not me. Look in the mirror and ask only for the price. So quietly try something ūüėČ