Plus Size Fashion Trends

With the theme of beauty in today’s society it is still mostly a Colorless perfection who wants to see no more, right? Women in particular should satisfy most certain standards and be flawless-in all respects. But is not that boring? is on one side / one may be individually, on the other hand, we have rules and ideas of other match. Women in large sizes not exactly match because the society pattern. And worse: In chubby people, these rules are so burned that they are disadvantageous to themselves. Especially in the fashion we noted that curvy women put some context, everything beyond it is not, because it was supposed to cover up the buttocks, stomach, hips…

Plus Size Industry and Fashion Plus Size

Fortunately, there are some years in the Plus Size Industry and Fashion Plus Size fighters and supporters. Whether Plus Size blogger, online dresses stores for large sizes or new brands with vintage plus-size fashion-the demand is there. The new target is thus discovered and it so happens a lot around the theme Plus Size: More and more new collections in big sizes of hip designers are designed Plus Size bloggers are celebrated, even plus-size model make it to the catwalks of the world! Oh-What happens now?

Well, why should women not dress with more kilos on your hips, trendy and stylish? Who says what looks beneficial and that certain colors or patterns may not be worn by curvy ladies? Who has to determine that? Finally freedom and especially the choice is there, is beautiful, fashionable clothing to buy Oversized, that was not always so. But not every plump woman is grateful for the freedom of state to be able to carry everything. Because you know that branded rules that whoever set, winding in the minds of plump people, especially women.

No More Style Dictations!

It’s time to change the thoughts and to say goodbye to old rules and patterns. The beauty images are now quite unrealistic and distorted. But the ideal of beauty is still a matter of opinion.
What corresponds to your ideal?

A lot is going: Social Media Plus Size Campaign

Lane Bryant

The underwear label Lane Bryant made with this commercial with the statement “I’m no Angel” for great excitement. Sure-clear allusion to the Victoria’s Secret show with very slim, perfect Models with angel wings. The plus-size model at Lane Bryant, however, are anything but thin-they are beautiful and curvy fit somehow not in the learned beauty ideal. So something that ideal can again be “put right”!



We find: “sexiness knows no size”! The American Plus Size Label Lane Bryant is launching a new campaign # PlusisEqual with the six most popular plus-size model and celebrates female curves:

Plus Size Top Model Ashley Graham in der „Sports Illustrated“

The annual “Swimsuit Edition” of the magazine “Sports Illustrated” formed for the first time a curvy model from-to great effect in the media!

# IAmSizeSexy on the New York Fashion Week

The Plus Size Top Model Ashley Graham rocks the catwalk on NY Fashion Week-with her ​​new lingerie collection.
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“Real Beauty” Campaign From Dove

can be followed by Dove campaign and TV spot probably remind everyone, as it was a few years ago something very new and different in the “so perfect advertising world”.

There are many more great plus size campaigns and it will be followed by even more. We’re looking forward to it!

Dear Women: Take your body on, let you do not dictate who you are or what you shall put on-the decision YOURS!Love You And Your Body! Because ALL Women Are Sexy!

Luckily beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

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