Plus Size Fashion Trends 2015

This year, the big sizes Trachtenmode proposes a new direction. The current collection 2015 replaces the stylish Dirndl in recent years and are focusing again on the traditional origin of the customs mode. The beautiful dresses are designed classically elegant this year and consist of high quality materials.

The reflection on the tradition is reflected especially in the colors and materials again. Natural fabrics such as linen and cotton are used increasingly. Silk and velvet add to the selection. Artificial materials and material mixes only be used discreetly as a highlight. All materials are of high quality and are extremely elegant processed.

Dirndl Large Sizes Trends

The Dirndl 2015, designed in natural colors, with reds and green and blue dominate. The trendy colors this year are also available in the traditional fashion. The color of 2015 Marsala, like some pastel shades represented in fashion. The pastel-colored costumes, however, are this year’s most important trends in Dirndl large sizes.

Glittering costumes with pomp and glamor, there are significantly fewer in 2015. The focus is clearly on simple models that are characterized by their high quality workmanship and small details. Motifs of flowers and patterns like stripes or checks embellish the look. Even a breath of retro pervades the traditional fashion for women through the use of vintage and paisley fabrics. An outlier of classically oriented fashion is the plus size Yoga pants, which was presented this year by lawfaqs. The clothes have a subtle wash and bring a touch understated with.

Chasten Blouses to Dirndl

The traditional fashion has changed only externally this year. The sections remain almost the same. Only the current blouses are a little changed. Striking cut sleeves and Carmen Blouse include at least 2015 of the past. The current blouses have narrow sleeves and total a little chaste, restrained cut. The tasteful Dirndl for curvy women is best laced this year.

As jacket you wear for Plus Size Dirndl the suede jacket that gives the Trachtenmode something modern. Absolutely IN this year is also a jacket that is made of the same fabric as the Dirndl.

Shoes for Dirndl Large Sizes

One thing has not changed: The shoes can be chosen freely. While ballerinas and sandals chic, cute or comfortable look, you miss it Heels an extra dose of sex appeal. The most important thing in your choices is that sneakers, sneakers, loafers and boots NOT be worn for Dirndl.

Now even more large sizes Trachtenmode and Dirndl for women shopping!