Plus Size Fashion Trends

Getting dressed when you are round is easier than yesterday thanks to online shops such as Asos Curve or Castaluna. Our guide according to your size, from small brands to luxury brands.

There are still ten years, between the “standard” stores that rarely offered models beyond the 44 and the specialized lines often tacky, it was not easy to dress well when we were provided with Generous forms. It was often necessary to see the pregnant woman radius or order abroad, subject to shipping costs can be high.

Fortunately, plus size fashion grows. Without much difficulty one can now find a (pretty) bra bonnet F or skinny tailored to his butt. Our address book, prepared for you by a journalist who makes the 48 and a G cap.

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Online shops

Internet is a boon for the round. It was the best place to look pretty large pieces before the development of lines plus size boutiques… And it still remains a place of choice for its fashion shopping.

Asos Curve, from 42 to 52

The +: There are parts of the moment (bomber kimono crop top…), the jeans of all kinds ( slim, wide, snow), and many large sizes brands -Boohoo Plus Carmakoma, in Junarose- More from the Asos Curve line. You can also find underwear, tights and bathing suits.

And from 42 to 46 you can also see the side of the main line.

The: Materials that do not always age well and that size very large.

Standard delivery (purchase over 24,99 €) and return free.

Balsamik, 46-64

The +: A real bias morpho with cuts thought according to the silhouettes -push-up, small, large, generous chest, wide hips, round belly, generous buttocks… There is even a comfortable width for shoes.

The: None! Until 28 November, there is an ephemeral shop in Bercy Village (Paris 12th): the opportunity to go and try the clothes if you are not far away.

Free shipping and returns.

Castaluna by La Redoute, from 42 to 64

The +: A fairly complete locker room among which one finds basics and beautiful materials. A hundred brands are referenced including the inevitable Taillissime, Soft Gray, Anne Weyburn, or Deby Debo. There are also lingerie, shoes and tights up to 4XL.

The -: Hard to find a real fashion favorite.

Free delivery in parcels relay from 49 €.

Navabi, from 42 to 62

The +: A cascade of designers including the Danish brand Zizzi. Its chic and feminine cloakroom wins to be known. We also like sexy lingerie top of large Ashley Graham.

The -: Few references in pretty brands like Robyn Lawley or Coleen Bow.

Free shipping and returns.

Zalando, from 42 to 58

The +: The line Zalando Essentials for its basics, the trio Little Mistress Curvy, Closet Curvy and Paper Dolls Curvy for her little evening dresses / cocktail chics.

The -: A tedious navigation.

Free shipping and returns.

Scarlett from 44 to 60

The +: Many references, very attractive prices. The tab “balances” with incredible promos (bras from 6 euros!).

The -: It lacks fashion coins.

Free delivery from 99 €. Back paying.

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The specialized lines of fast fashion

H & M + from 42 to 58

The +: Perfect to find a little lace dress, comfortable jeans, a beautiful parka, work coats and leggings. Besides the majority of large H & M, we also find the range online.

The -: Cuts sometimes approximate. It also happens that a sweater of the standard range is more expensive in large size.

3,95 € delivery in relay packages, 5,95 € at home. The return fee is 0,95 €.

New Look Inspire 44 to 56

The +: Pieces in the English style -gilets faux fur sleeveless, fringed jackets, slinky skirts, jeans snow, plaid shirts, hoodies message… And shoes wide fit for wider feet.

The -: You can easily get tired of seasonal pieces. Not top for underwear.

Free shipping from 65 €. Paying returns.

Violeta by Mango of 40 to 52

+: Well-cut parts and materials that stand.

The -: The prices are high: count about 90 euros for a nice combi-trousers.

Standard shipping for 2,95 €, free in stores. Free returns in shops or Colissimo.

Forever 21 Plus from XL to 4XL

The +: Trendy pieces (asymmetrical dress, poncho, textured sweater) and affordable.

The -: As with New Look, one can get tired of the season piece and fragile synthetic materials such as imitation suede or imitation leather.

The large size line does not exist in shops in France at the moment, but it can be ordered online.

Standard shipping at 6 €, free shipment from 75 € purchases.

Curve by Me, 44 to 54

The +: Mim finally rises in size. To us cute tees, oversized vests and sheathing leggings at low prices. This season, the brand has offered the services of the large blogger Gaëlle-Vanessa Prudencio, a consultant on the fall-winter 2015-2016 collection.

The -: There are not many references yet and the range of colors is quite restricted.

Free delivery on orders over 20 €, free returns in store.

Soa Soa by Kiabi until 60

The +: Kiabi impresses us with this big line. Fashionable pieces this winter, such as the denim skirt with press studs, the suede top, the poncho vest, or the maxidress with folk print. Everything worn by the beautiful Tess Holliday, radiant top plus size size 52.

The -: Nothing to say. Kiabi really makes an effort to offer the round an increasingly large size range and accessible gun parts.

Dorothy Perkins, until 50

The +: An e-shop in French that overflows nice pieces: small sweater claudine collar, 7 / 8th pants, printed tunics…

The -: You have to order on the English e-shop to find clothes until the 56. The selection is more tempting in shop (in England).

Standard free shipping from 75 €.

Pepperberry / Bravissimo to 46

The +: Tunics and comfortable cascading dresses. A size guidepractical and clever to calculate its size Pepperberry.

The -: The style is quite classic.

Delivery is about 8 €. Free returns to Great Britain.

Women Curves, multi-brand store located at 291, rue Saint-Denis Paris II

Other classic channels to watch

3 Suisses, up to 56

Miss Guided, 44 to 52

Marks & Spencer, from 48 to 56, lingerie to H

Jiuly, from 42 to 56

MS Mode, from 40 to 52

+ 46 and, from 46 to 70

Ulla Popken, from 44 to 70

Jean-Marc Philippe, 42 to 60, 44 to 60

Eva Tralala until 50

Bruno Saint-Hilaire, until 52

Monoprix, a lot of beautiful pieces until 48 in store

Promod, until 48

1.2.3., Up to 46


Debenham’s, a mountain chic and designer items until 60

The inescapable Evans until 60

Monsoon, a gold mine for evening dresses, until 52

Modcloth for dresses in vintage style to 58

Simply Be, up to 60

In the USA:

Torrid, until 56

Domino Dollhouse, for dresses Pinup until 52

Addition Elle, for the capsule collection of the top large Nadia Aboulhosn until 56

Monif C, sexy dresses until 52

Macy’s, until 52

Levi’s, until 52

Lane Bryant, to 64 (the line of lingerie, Cacique, goes to 140 / D cup)

Ashley Stewart until 54

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Small price signs

Primark, of the 42 to 48

The +: A fresh British style, pop prints (Mickey T-shirts, One Direction or Unicorns, Flower Dresses). And tiny prices.

Materials that sometimes leave something to be desired. Too bad that the range is not more extensive and does not go higher (up to 52-54), as in the United Kingdom.

C & A, until 58

The +: There is something for every taste, from high school to quinqua to mum or working girl. Very fashionable pieces in the yessica line, younger, which goes up to 48.

The -: Better to go in store, where there is more choice than on the internet. The bigger it is, the better (like those of Boulevard Haussmann or Rivoli), but the more you will spend time!

Tati, up to 60

The +: Tops, pants, lingerie, pajamas, dresses, pullovers, you really find everything, for three times nothing.

The -: The style is a bit memorable. Too bad because once again the standard range is more attractive.

Hall until 56

The +: Jeans, tested and approved. Many cute tops in the Modavista range. Lingerie up to 115G.

The -: Not always easy to find large sizes in store. Many basics but no strong parts.

Gemo, from 46 to 60

The +: The selection of jackets and coats, reduced but relevant.

The -: A selection of tops less rich than other categories of clothing.

Bonprix until 62

The +: A complete cloakroom (tops, pants, skirts, dresses, etc). Do not forget to visit wedding, sports, future moms, blazers and tailors, lingerie (up to 115G) and swimsuits.

Le -: Nice pieces coexist with clothes more difficult to wear (boleros satinés, jackets printed panther, old tunics).

The senior brands

For comfortable clothes: elastic waist pants, caftans, oversize mesh, etc.

Damart, up to 60

The +: Quality clothes: microfiber parka, warm-fitting swimsuits, merino wool sweaters, wrap-around lingerie…

The -: Comfortable pieces… But not very coquettes!

Daxon, up to 64

The +: Highs of all colors, more than 300 pants-comfortable-referenced.

The -: Nothing special in 62/64 except a few tops and pajamas.

Bleu Bonheur, up to 64

The +: A senior fashion big sizes at any small price.

The -: Here again, only a few pieces remain in 64.

Blanche Porte, until 62

The +: Quite modern proposals, and a host of tips based on your morpho. The product sheets are well made, each item is detailed according to its strengths. Lingerie until 145H.

The -: There really is not. We greet the diversity and the wide choice of models.

Top brands

The prices start at around 100 euros, but it is the assurance of an impeccable fall.

Marina Rinaldi until 60

The +: Very beautiful materials – satin, lace, embroidery, crepe, wool, velvet. Minimalist cuts, a chic Italian style. Boots adapted to the wide calves.

The -: It is necessary to wait for the balances to be able to afford the most expensive pieces, but they are worth the blow.

Price: 70 € minimum for a top, 300 € for a short dress.

Devernois, up to 50

The +: Selected cuts.

The -: A very dressed style sometimes a little too serious.

Price: 80 € for a top, 200 € for a dress.

Gudrun Sjoden, up to 56

The +: This Swedish designer offers gay, colorful and very cocooning.

The -: A motley side that is not to the taste of everyone.

Price: 100 € for a blouse or a dress, 150 € and more for a jacket or a coat.

Elena Miro, up to 58

The +: Several models of knee length skirts that give envy, and well-cut pincers.

The -: Tops a little tristounets on the e-shop, better to go for a walk in store.

Count about 80 € for a top, and in 200 € for a dress.

Anna Scholz, until 56

The +: Sublime dresses, neat finishes, some very beautiful combis.

The -: Too many psychedelic prints. The brand size a little big.

Price: 100 € minimum for a top, 250 € minimum for a dress.

Lingerie and swimwear

Marks & Spencer, up to 115 / H Bonnet store, hat N online

Chantelle, up cap H

Triumph, to 125 / K bonnet

Sans Complexe until 115 / G cup, super comfortable Arum model

Primadonna until 130 / bonnet J, good support

Darjeeling, up to 105G

Footprint until 115H. Brand presence in multi-brand and online. She also welcomes you to three workshops in Paris, Lille and Strasbourg for personalized shopping.

Playtex until 120 / G cup

Wonderbra until 100F

Bravissimo, from D

The excellent e-shop Lemon Curve (special mention for Cleo by Panache brands and Curvy Kate), up 115 / cap K

Tips: the 3rd floor of Galeries Lafayette Haussmann is full of brands suitable for large breasts such as Sans Complexe, Primadonna, Print, Triumph… A good plan for those who want to change the fittings.

Opposite, at 52 rue de la Chaussee d’Antin, the tiny shop Tab also many large sizes and the reception is nice.

For swimwear, we also recommend La Redoute (until 58 / 120F) and VS Lingerie (up to 120 / cap K). For fancy swimsuits, two sexy tankinis and other parts, Swimsuits for All goes to 60. There remains models from their collaboration with the blogger plus size Gabifresh.


Look in the ready-to-wear brands cited at the beginning of the article, as well as at:

Hema, up to 52

Monoprix, great choice of pantyhose and stockings of the brand Miss Helen up to size 4 (equivalent to 50)

New Look, until 56

We Love Colors, every color tights until 58/60

Primark until XL (corresponds to 46/48) up to 60

Sun, up to size 6.


Watch stamped large pairs / wide fit at New Look (which goes up to 43), Evans and Asos, as well as:

Taillissime, Balsamik (until 45), Justfab (until 42), Clarks and “wide feet” section that goes to 43.

The Palace of the shoe, to 45 and Les Belles Sizes, also to 45, which we appreciate the selection (derbies Anniel, Minnetonka, Toms).

Tips & Tricks

Do not hesitate to enter “standard” shops

You can find many oversized pieces. The best: COS (which size to 44), & Other Stories, Monki (many large jackets, dresses and shirts), Topshop, Zara, American Apparel, Pull & Bear…

The creative side, there are often large rooms at Andrea Crews (monitor their page Facebook for balances) and sometimes at Isabel Marant Etoile.

Walk through thrift shops and track the empty-dressings 42 and +

One finds easily pieces in large size in thrift stores, true eldorados which count clothes of all the epochs that do not cut as small as today. Tip: go see also in men to shopper a concert tee-shirt, a big size jeans (to make a boyfriend) a blazer, or a trouser suit to roulotter to make a 7/8.

Our favorite addresses in Paris: all Guerrisol shops of Barbès neighborhood, the shop Bi solidarity Boulevard du Temple, the shop China Machine Abbesses, Free’p’star (our favorite is the street of the glassware and trays 1 €) and Emmaus (over France).

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Feel free to watch the resale groups and other empty-dressing on Facebook, such as the Serial Modeuses. The group Curvyssime full of tips.

Finally, some large bloggers also sell on their websites or via their Facebook pages.