Plus Size Fashion Questions

Stéphanie Zwicky, aka Big Beauty, blogger well-known fashion, launched its Fashion Coaching service. She agreed to answer some questions, to help us understand his motivation, expertise and service offering.

My Plus Size (MGT): Stephanie, some readers may not yet be familiar to you. Who are you, in a nutshell?

Stéphanie Zwicky: My name is Stephanie, I’m 33, I’m suissesse but I live in Paris for 6 years, I am an actress, plus-size model, blogger and coach mode.

There are 6 years old, I decided to completely change life to spend in dentistry over Florent, since I practice several activities that are closely related to my passions.

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I have 3 major projects underway for 2010, a play for the beginning of the year, a feature film also and one huge surprise , but I can not say more for now. But when promised I can speak, My-Size will be quickly made aware!

MGT: What brands have trusted you to embody them in fashion photography?

Stéphanie Zwicky: I have the great opportunity to work with different brands all with their own style, their own universe.

I started with Julie Envy and Spicy So, Generous, Mary Melody, Kiabi, Jean-Marc Philippe, Kamino, and recently I asked for Edmond Boublil for 46 more, Kiabi just redo call me in December . And I also asked forHervé MariaG e which launched its large collection on their website but also in the catalog.

MGT: In your opinion, why do they call you the media when it comes to talk about the Round of fashion?

Stéphanie Zwicky: Because I am very patient and responsive? (Laughs) No, seriously, of course, these are qualities which I often make to the media, and that I can meet their demands often at parks Last minute.

But I do not know, it’s hard to say, I say maybe because I have a global vision of fashion, I do not think large, I see beyond that.

And then I have some experience of this medium through my various jobs, and my fashion blog is a sacred showcase with over 120 000 unique visits a month, I think it must weigh in the balance, my name soon pulsing. I was lucky also to be quickly publicized through Daphne Burki on Canal +, this issue was a trigger on different areas like my presence in the media.

MGT: What experience do you own the mode of Coaching?

Stéphanie Zwicky: I decided to create this mode from coaching to a method I developed, which works perfectly on me, and I can put forward every day on my blog and following of very many requests from my readers I do things as clearly.

As a base, I:

  • my drama class courses Florent (management body in space, how to stand, the nonverbal message that all are part of my coaching)
  • my e xp erience coach in image company : (. ex Skyguide) I had the opportunity on several occasions to provide training over several days in large companies on image management, body attitude, self-confidence and personal coaching
  • and of course my experience in fashion, not only as a model but as a consultant for some clothing brands.
  • MGT: How does a coaching session with sauce Big Beauty?

Stéphanie Zwicky: Then all begins with a phone interview to identify the needs of my future coached. Then on the day, the “session” begins with u n mini-course of 30 minutes s on my “famous” method, the basics of fashion, all fit well next person’s expectations.

Then we go on shopping, there I go with the coachee, and I recommend, but everything comes from it, there is a difference with the makeover. I am a guide, the idea being that the person can then reproduce it in front of his dressing room or during its shopping what she learned with me during his coaching.

I also have a private showroom in the Marais in Paris, where several major brands, trust me, put me in disposal a dressing so that we can make fittings more intimate and personalized.This solution is particularly aimed at people looking for a look or a particular outfit for an occasion or when people are not at all comfortable in store.

I also make the dressing analysis, I come home and it makes a great sort of what already exists, one class clothing (again according to my method) and reorganizes the dressing. This solution is often aimed at buyers who accumulate new clothes or disinclined who do not know what to with them.

Finally everything is scalable, tailored, I really want to “stick” closer to the desires of the future coached. My coaching style is for all women of all sizes.

Stéphanie Zwicky: Package of 3 hours is 150 euros. In option there is the makeup , I work in collaboration with a professional makeup artist who has its own bar with make-up and gives courses really great self-makeup (I tested and I agree).

Another option the barber, I work with a colorist-face that has experience in fashion. For both options prices vary depending on applications but expect between 47 and 150 euros.