Plus Size Fashion Makeover

Here are the pictures before / after coming makeovers offered by our site Ma-Grande-Our site Saturday, March 13, during the traditional exchange clothes (BAV) associationAllegro Fortissimo. During the event, five lucky ones as expected won through Ma-Grande-Our site a makeover and their most beautiful picture by a professional photographer.

Dressup was made by Anne Claire SOS Makeovers and photos by Christ Christphoto.

Some will say: “But these dressup, they are still less impressive when in Belle Any or Naked Extreme Makeover.” Certainly. But they are perhaps more realistic view of the data: for some girls go from pants to a dress, lack of makeup to eye or simply face a camera, it’s much!

In 45 minutes, these young women were listened to and counseled, without forcing them. This was primarily an approach to well-being, not to make dramatic and artificial pictures.

In addition, all clothes worn were found in the pits of the purse to clothing Allegro Fortissimo. With this, we showed that with a budget of 30 euros and used clothing, it can really change your look.