Plus Size Fashion And Be Fit And Healthy?

Plus size fashion and be fit and healthy? This is not a contradiction. Nutrition, fitness, motivation and setting – there is much what part, to implement a fit “curvy way of life”. Since we have brought on board Jane – she knows with regard to nutrition and what our body everything as is. Jane Franz deals with minerals, vitamins and co. Since 1998 and has crowned this passion with various studies and training: it is state-certified nutritionist with the BTB (Bildungswerk therapeutic professions) and certified expert for nutritional and weight management (IHK).

Healthy And Fit – The Curvy Way Of Life

Hello, my name is Jane Franz. I’m glad to see that we meet here. You obviously don’t know me yet. That should change. From today you will read, if you want to regularly something from me. Of course you ask you sure what it’s about. To what do you think, around the figure. But I promise you one right, you will get no tips for losing weight from me. If you want that, you’re not right here.

So something gets to know me, let me tell you something about myself today. One or the other will recognize the safe itself.Ready to go?

I am now 48 years old and I can definitely say that I am diet damaged. Yes, really. My diet career began at the tender age of 14 years. It was at that time very early. Meanwhile the diet madness has taken Yes extreme forms. Ten-year are already on a diet, certainly not voluntary. I started but quite voluntarily with the madness of the diet. And do you know why I had? Boys.Incredible or? But that was the only reason really. Well, at this age you get so slow, that there is not only girls. I was always the type of mate until then, and I was tired. I have me “slim = nice” defined. Do you make today always so, or? OK, I a little digress – so further in the text. The former diet promised an incredible loss of 500 g per day. The absolute madness! Just didn’t work.Today, everyone tells you that that does not work, cannot work. However, who strikes out with (supposedly) too many kilos, grabs any straw.

Brigitte Diet, Diet, Diet Null – What’s The Point?

Recently I read something fun to do this on Facebook. That read something like: “women are super smart. Look through any dizziness of her husband. “But when it comes to losing weight, they believe, within a week of 20 kilos to lose.” But actually is insanity. But we try again and again, zero diet, food combining, Brigitte diet, slim in his sleep, metabolic balance – countless diets and weight loss attempts. I can tell you one – brings about nothing!

I still managed impressive results with diets. I’ve managed to me 20 years from about 58 kg (after an almost zero diet) to stately 100 kg to “diets” – almost a doubling. Can you imagine that? Every day you wake up thinking, what’s for breakfast. And if you ate the sparse breakfast, you only when there is the thought – the next meal? What lost actually in this time – my gall bladder. So a colic is something great. At some point I had thick the faxes. After 20 years – theme diet does.

Do you actually believe that? For a time perhaps, but anyone who has not learned healthy and balanced diet, to show respect and even positive sense, will fall back again and again in his old pattern. Each newspaper, all media friends don’t suggest a, only if you’re slim, aren’t. And if you can then see in the mirror – oh you don’t want to be God, that person there. So here the next diet – very much, quite quickly away. A vicious circle.

“I Want To Look Good In My Plus Size Fashion.”

In 2003, I started my exit out of this vicious circle. After I well, let’s just say once again a very terrible, very unfavourable photo in a bathing suit in the finger got the decision it was clear to me. What I want to do. (can you tell? I “want” – I “must”. This is a huge difference.) Now, I needed only adequate assistance. And there was only one who could help me, for me and that was the great American acceptance company. Here I have learned a lot about a healthy and balanced diet. At that time, I had more in mind “What can I lose more than weight?”. And the small miracle happened. I actually took off 28 kilo. And what can I say, I’ve worked for this company then indeed a long time as a coach.

Healthy Body Awareness Is Just The Beginning

What do you think – could I keep my weight reached? SURPRISE – No. It has not worked out. Now don’t think but please, that this was due to the “program”. No, it is the personal attitude towards it. It was just a program, a completed period. I had only the (dubious) advantage that I was forced to 9.5 years to maintain my weight. And still it didn’t work. This pressure could and I wanted to no longer accept. I had also changed my inner attitude. And that made me finally, to start something new.
Today I work still in the field of nutrition. And, how should it another way, I helped women – and men – to develop once again a normal eating pattern, and again a healthy body awareness. Eat dining in style without fear of food without constraints. So we all look good in our plus size fashion.