Plus Size Destroyed Jeans

Destroyed Jeans… I dressed the again. I have it in the great interview and also on Instagram already betrayed, my summer is permeable. Since it is fitting that I finally some new jeans, nice shoes (a shoe ideas is already in the making), have casual jackets, tops and nice accessories hanging on the clothes rack.

Overall, the whole trend toward bright colors goes back to nature and jeans must be above all:. broken

in this jeans I have assisted. She was in fact too much broken, so I zerschnippelt an old jeans on a rainy Sunday and behind the cracks sewn anything against. Otherwise she would the next wash will not survive and would become literally a destroyed jeans.

So this is now. Over four years I have preached clothes, now I discover totgeglaubtes new again…

This beautiful long sweater I discovered last summer and in my heart. Although it slips down permanently, but I just love them. For this season, where now the latest Plus Size provider has the long cardigans at the moment I’m still some order. That’s just my garment. Look how beautiful she is blowing and here in Hamburg it blows so often…

Well, who has taken care of and looked at the shoes? The budapest style seem to be my thing. It is not the first that you see of me and the idea of ​​stlyen classics or how to reinterpret in this case, is already pretty much my thing. Anyone reading me for some time know that I also have a weakness for stylistic inconsistencies.

These shoes are made of a store * in which I’ve only ever looked funny because as much organic stuff is. But soft leather, a nice footbed, all lined with leather, a great style and beautiful details … So goofy eco is probably not and you can now get quite chic models, as you can see here.

For a detailed recording way, I have the pants pulled something. Just in case, someone says, in Hamburg you wear now flood. These boots are of Tessamino and cover outstanding the summer boots – and the Budapest-trend from.

Oh, and then there was still another detail shot, the chain…. Looks great, but is also somewhat annoying to wear because they are constantly rotated. I’m still unsure whether she remains.

But there is also another trend to winter fashion, according to Travelationary. In the early season H & M came out with a pale pink coat, I am delighted ran into a branch. In the locker room I then was not sure whether the fine or pig. I was just too much. I probably was not used to it.
This little blazer to get better anyway clearly and with my Holland shopping trip I have another shell, in there with this pink. But this purpose must tanning my legs a little.

Was quite windy….

Oh, what did you say the subject? Yes, destroyed jeans … so it looks now. Here times with silver sneakers that will play a role in the coming Shoe Trend Special.

The knees of his trousers was all broken, so already bought that. Granny turns just in the grave to… But that was me too hard. With the patch, which I sewed up all the holes, I’ll be better clearly.
All photos has Julia of beautiful wild made. This is their Facebook page.