Plus Size Collection of Evans

CUT collection vo Evans:
Some of you know Evans from England. The offer is, in my perception, wavering, many of you will appreciate the brand also because it is there next to an extensive collection of shoes in Extra Wide and lingerie in big sizes.

Last season was Evans started a youth initiative in young designers and the rush was probably really remarkable. This action will be continued.

I am concerned at first glance not so much whether I would wear it, but I think it is good that more and more plus size brands just try something, and thus changed the viewing habits.

Together with the Universities of Nottingham Trent and Kingston presented EVANS candidates before the challenge of creating a Plus Size Designer Collection. The interest was huge and EVANS chief designer Rebecca Van Reicher instructed the design students each present a collection of 6 unique parts.

The CUT for EVANS fall collection was in the United States such a hit that the selection of the winner had to be left to a high-profile American jury. (Whitney Thompson – winner America’s Next Top Model, Susan Moses – Stylisting for Queen Latifah, Gary Dakin – founder of JAG Models, Alexandra Boos & Maddy Jones – Plus Model Magazine)

Designer Yvonne Shu Yao won the design competition for the current season in itself. The collection is based on the shapes and colors of the underwater world. Focus of Shu Yao’s creations are colorful prints and expressive silhouettes. Shu Yao’s designs opened the Design Collective Show F / S 2015 at London Fashion Week in September, 2014.

The video shows the Plus Size Fashion Week Show, Design Collective for EVANS ‘.
CUT for EVANS is a part of this initiative and the first two parts, which are shown in the video, have emerged as part of the Young Designers Competition.

All other parts, which are presented in the video, there is some point in May to buy online. Special tip: Evans often makes special sales. The right Pops actions you can find either in our newsletter or on the SALE page here.
Involved here are Clements Ribeiro, Giles Deacon, Hema Caul and others.