Plus Size Clothing for Women

Being thin is just able to use any type of clothing. It is advantageous? In a way, we can say that. But is that worth dying for work out, doing crazy diets full of restrictions and ending up sick? Today, no more, because the plus size fashion has presented beautiful looks.

The autumn-winter fashion despite being more expensive this year brings beautiful pieces that are a charm in plus size women, who by the way, should not even worry about overweight (unless you have any hormonal dysfunction or linked to health) because most men prefer women stronger than too thin.


That is true. I recently saw some jaw-dropping models, especially for mid-season and winter. I’ll give some tips.

Patchwork coat – is a mixture of various fabrics with good fit. The coat is wide, and with belt. This is an elegant and informal alternative that can replace the blazer. The trapeze collar is a charm and is the most beautiful with pants or tight skirts. Underneath coat you can use a fine mesh of good length, at the hip, if you feel heat. For feet, high shoes with platform or boots.

The charm of the season is the clear mixture and coat in dark, mixing relaxed and chic pieces.

Blouse range – It can be metalized jersey, and the sheath can be enhanced by a lateral band which should be used bound, leaving the remainder of the fabric fall on the side. The sleeves can be in that accompany the canoe neckline frame and to give an extra charm, the finish of the sleeve, a handle of the same fabric of the shirt. To complete straight pants in dark color too, which can be graphite, gray, this will give a medium gradient touch, or even black and shoes or coats to jump.
The described blouse has an irresistible charm, for those who like it, is a detail that makes all the difference in the look.

Dress – A super versatile model is done in straight cut with a good trim fabric. To give a more fashion finished off, if the dress is black, you can put on the line of the blade, small spike. The sleeves may be 3/4 cotton lace finished in the same fabric from the underside of the garment, which is a pleated skirt crepe China. The amendment of the tunic and skirt is also super good with small spike.

Finish the look with a bag made of fabric. It can be well colored with precious stones and thin strings handle. The bag I saw, is Antik Batik. With boots, you shine.

It’s a trend that took the mixture of different prints in part, provided there is balance between them.

A dress with a central pattern, which starts above the bust to below the knees, with another pattern on the sides and sleeves and neck finish, fall very well. The dress can be up acinturado to give a finely tuned in silhouette. The sleeve must have length to the height of the elbow and details to give finish to the length, the sleeves and necklines can be decorated with safety pins (they are sold just for this).

Finish your look wearing black socks with high heels in geometric designs that have the same dress tones and a colorful bag to take a break in dark colors. It may be a clutch bag.

This skirt in large sizes is a hit! The skirt has the flared structure with the front “V” (yes, the main cut of the skirt has a “V”), which is sewn in front and behind, the flared part. The pierced is sewn and the godet is also sewn into the “V” of the skirt. They fit together perfectly with the wheel skirt. Part flared black, and emblazoned flared in black and white, is a luxury.

Complete the look with a long-sleeved blouse in silk “V” neck inside the skirt. A vote to heels, will give a more touch with the colored clutch bag.

Blouse with bat sleeves and cuffs of the same fabric can be a little leopard. Already pants with straight cut and asymmetrical front somewhat resembles the saruel model, except that it lacks the low hook. This cut creates an impression of long legs.

Sportier boots, with low square heel will give a less serious look but sporty and casual look.

I hope you like the tips.