Plus Size Carnival Costumes

Halloween is coming, the Carnival season begins, or among friends is after a long time once again to a costume party? Of course, there is the question immediately after matching plus size carnival costume. Today I present you before some costume ideas for large quantities, where it is not necessary to hide even a gram.

Costume for Halloween

Carnival Costumes in Large Sizes

Halloween Vampire lady

Give every year the cheerful pumpkin or the vampire lady? This need not be. Other costumes are for the occasion. How about, for example, with a large sizes outfit a living scarecrow or a body suit in flayed look? You may say at first: never. With my figure I should slip into a skin-tight suit? No, are not shown in any, but in the human muscles and tendons. The striking patterns not guides the eye to the love handles. At the same time you can proudly show what you have. A little courage is still so. Therefore, yet follows a different idea as carnival costumes in large sizes:

Do you remember at the rabbit in the movie “Holy Grail” went off on anything that was not in three out of the trees? Go Killer Rabbit you will with a little fake blood and red contact lenses. Who wants to set up something that fits with fangs one, pulls a dress coat on and ready for the crazy party.


Those who would rather like classical, z. B. in this costume shop find, because here you can find also costumes in large sizes.From clown suit on bakery or police hat everything is represented here usually. Classics that I particularly liked, are the pirate or the Cutthroat, the weightlifter or the gypsy, anything at all that we encounter in traditional adventure films and books.There is also in the animal world, many suggestions, for example, also in the “Jungle Book”. Balu, the bear, or King Lui are worthy figures, in which you can slip.

The funniest costume ideas meet you anyway in everyday life. Whether it can give a tree costume and a real fairy lights the Christmas tree that you use-(in each apartment there is sockets that you can use phased) – or it is the radish that you too happy knusperst for dinner. Combine in thoughts simply times a few elements that do not belong together right away or let yourself on the Internet of the offers specialized online stores inspire. Certainly also the perfect plus size costume is as suits you.