Plus Size Bras

The famous “four breasts syndrome”, we are many curvy women to know. Choose your size lingerie, especially her bra it can become a real headache. Discover e n the Marion video tips to simplify your life. Mistakes to avoid, calculate your breast size, the choice of cut or materials: important items to review, together!

More than half of women surveyed report having chest subsidence problems due to poor maintenance of their bra, and a quarter of them say even suffer from back problems! Many medical studies demonstrate the usefulness of wearing a bra adapted to avoid adverse problems to health.

Sachez that a woman buys between 2 and 3 bras per year, and that a good bra costs around thirty euros (or more for large sizes of bra), hence the interest of choose well!Unfortunately, this is not often the case, with an alarming: more than 3 out of 4 women do not know their true bra size.

Our Advice Video

The Measurement Is Once a Year!

And yes, size bra ça change: gain or loss of weight, water retention, practice or stop physical activity, hormonal changes, the causes are many and varied. Compete or be measured at least once a year, is paramount. You have two options:

  • Do you measure lingerie shop(large or not), you will receive all of the specialist advice tailored to your chest. In addition you will have the choice to try many brands and models bra.
  • Take your measurements with you, and we’ll explain how.

Armed with a tape measure and wearing the bra that suits you best, you take two steps:

  • Your back round (just under the chest, measuring tape straight, not too tightly)
  • Your chest (the strongest point, always loosely and breathing well)

Then you will perform some small scientific calculations. We know there are  many websites on the calculation tables , but unfortunately they are mostly false (which is a big problem and explain why so many women do not take the right size lingerie).  Here is a table whose calculations are correct  :

When you are in between sizes, try to see which one suits you best, the shape of your chest can play.  Also note that you can sometimes get off a hat or ride a waistline to find THE bra you well.

Choosing The Shape of Your Bra

Keeping forces need , large breasts will not have much choice in the form of their bra featured on We recommend you focus on forms emboitantes the minimizers, shells or the rigor the shelves. We forget the triangle shapes, forms the scarf, and Push up bra where keeping your chest is not at all insured and the risk of losing a breast over the bonnet is great.

Be aware that in practice the bonnet of a bra consists of two three-sided fabrics but some plus size lingerie brands such as Wacoal offer up to 4 sides for extra support. Here the model 58, designed specifically for large breasts.

A small dot on the hulls bras: they are very useful to avoid terrain in a fluid or clothing near the body. Chosen in nude (beige, flesh color), it will remain invisible under a clear garment and will make a beautiful chest.
It Evans in bra in photo above is a perfect example, with a little extra good thought bordered silicone bands, you can wear strapless with a high or a strapless dress.

Also consider the bras with lace headband, like the one worn in the video by our large model: they reduce or dress a low neckline can be worn under an open jacket for a sexy effect but can also by the light shaping effect of the headband, to erase the small cap relief.

Whatever the shape of bra selected, the back (also called the tape) is to choose well wideand adjusted not to go. If you ever have trouble finding bras with a large enough back, think expanders you can find lingerie stores or haberdashery.

Tip:   To try-feel free to move , you look to test the resilience of your chest inside the cap.If you are constantly forced to put your breasts, the bra is not tried for you or size is not good.