Plus Size Blog Sale

Blog Sale: I sell two move boxes clothes and a suitcase full of shoes. I always do very organized and tidy on clothes roundabout. Many of you know this and follow me there too that you write there, too.
If you’re not there, but interest in something else you can the also in the comments do here. The important thing is that you or someone in your community has a Paypal account. My account number I give after so Ikea bills and travel have been paid, not out.

Look you times around. Almost everything is 50/52/54, the shoes in 41. Against Porto I can do nothing, let him receive it but together and against the postal strike unfortunately nothing ūüėČ


Such thrift exchanges are sorted still quite thin with large sizes. The thing is done by itself, you have something nice, you give it ago and no longer it is worn until it falls apart. Therefore I can only recommend to be fast on the one here, on the other, to get active.

The overview of XXL flea markets, you know maybe. As these markets are not in all regions and experience has shown that there can not even such high prices achieved as the net. However, flea markets are more fun and make the tiresome images, measure, describe, upload and send everything at the end, falls away.

If you ever unschaut will there or on ebay find her every offer from the United States. This also has a background again, I know well. We shall return to America or partly by UK often costs money. In the second-hand market on the Internet can be its plus size clothing but sell at the original price. Because the buyer thus saves on the customs and the long shipping times. In other words, I recommend to the Seco hand exchanges on the net a lot. Both for sale and to browse and buy.