Plus, Beautiful And Modern!

Hi girls, this week is dedicated to plump or Plus size.

Friend, if you’re a little overweight and thinks it’s a good reason to hide, and that it is impossible to be fashionable or you can’t modernize, is enganadíssima.
You can and should be beautiful and stylish.

If your day-to-day is dark clothes for give the appearance of slimming down the visual change with courage, choose colors and accessories that help a lot to modernize and enhance the parts your body. You can even use the white monochrome, well chosen is beautiful.

A key piece is the high waist, trousers or skirts, do favor the waist and create a visual straight. “Retire” the gowns and loose clothing to gain even more.
The score to the waist with those clothes or even with tracks and belts, chubby women create a more feminine, but you might want to keep an eye on the sleeves, the more soltinhas contribute to the comfort of movement and can hide some arm flab.

Look at the example of Tanesha Jenkins ‘ boy got, that values each look and get inspired.

The famous saying “black Slims” is true, but not necessarily black. You may vary with other colors, like purple, Brown, dark gray and Navy Blue.

People can also plump – and should – use stripes, preferably always vertical;the thick or narrow that help stretch the silhouette.

Another trick, which is very well, are pieces with necklines, mostly in form V, but watch out for the neckline, huh!
Being discreet, the V-neckline adds value to other part of the body, not calling attention to the chubbiness and also lengthens the silhouette.

If you choose to stamped parts, make sure they are small drawings and located in leaner parts of the body. In regions where it is more “plump”, always use dark colors or flat pieces.

The large prints, chess, balls and flowers should be avoided, because in itself the attention.

Never buy clothes that are smaller than uses-we talked about this in previous posts-smaller parts highlight the chubbiness making them more evident yet.

Pants leggings-very bullish at the moment-are very comfortable, however, mark the body. To use them, common sense should prevail. For these cases, the gowns and dresses are welcome and fall very well, besides being trendy.

The trick is to value the best. Knowing see the true proportion of your body convince yourself you can be fashionable!

The following are some more photos with tips. Bejinhos girls.