Pear-Apple Body: How to Dress Well?

Each woman has a different body shape, each with its particularities and characteristics that can be valued with the choice of the most appropriate clothing. Some of the best known formats are apple and pear. But, after all, what defines the body format in pear and apple and how to choose clothes that value them?

Pear-Apple Body How to Dress Well

In today’s post, we show you the differences of these two types of bodies and which are the key pieces to value each format. Are you interested? So keep reading this post to the end and check out our tips!

Body shape in pear and apple: what are the differences?

The pear-shaped body is one that has narrower shoulders and bust, usually with smaller breasts. While the hip part is wider as well as the thighs and legs. Body fat tends to focus on the lower part of the body.

In the apple-shaped body, fat usually tends to accumulate in the abdominal region, causing the torso to have a rounded and protruding shape. In general, it presents fine legs and arms, which contrast with abdomen, hip and large breasts .

What to wear to enhance each body shape?

If you are a person who is in doubt about choosing clothes, you think that what you wear did not fit well with you and do not know what to wear to make the impression you want, do not worry, because these are common doubts and easy to solve.

Each of the formats have their advantages and disadvantages, however, in both cases there may be a lot of difficulty when dressing. But with a little attention, knowledge and practice you will be able to change this situation easily

To solve these problems you must understand that for both formats there are specific clothes, which can be used to model your body and to value the main characteristics of it.

It is worth investing in a wardrobe that is in accordance with your body, so you can avoid difficulties when dressing for any occasion, feel more comfortable with you and, more beautiful. Check out the details!


For women with a pear-shaped body, clothing that enhances the bust and shoulders rather than the hip is indicated. This allows you to balance the top and bottom widths. You can bet on:

  • blouses and blazers, loose and printed;
  • skirts, shorts and dark-colored trousers;
  • clothes with details on the shoulders;
  • coats and blouses of length below or above the wider hip region.


For those who have the body in the form of an apple, the most indicated clothes are those that refine the silhouette, valuing the curves in the body. Invest in:

  • sweaters and loose t-shirts;
  • evasé skirts;
  • dress empire format;
  • straight pants;
  • jackets and blazer at hip height;
  • dark-colored clothing;
  • V or U necklines.

Now that you know the differences between body shape in pear and apple you can identify yours and choose clothes that suit it by valuing it and bringing in self-esteem with comfort and style.