Party Mode – from Casual to Festive

Party Mode? That the Englishman what mean by quite different, showing us colleague Callie from England with their contribution. In the UK and in Ireland and as far as I know, even in parts of the USA are the so-called “Christmas Jumper” all the rage.

Christmas sweaters, Jumpsuit, no matter mainly Christmas and beautiful muckelig. Some families I’ve heard that they carry all THE SAME sweater. One may be curious where with the social networks 25/12. be flooded.

Photo © Callie Thorpe – From the Corners of the Curve

Under must have party fashion we might understand in Germany a little something else, which is also due to another Christmas tradition. If we, as the English, on the 1st Christmas Day, which would open our presents, we perhaps would also be a little more relaxed. But then there is also New Year’s Eve.

Top This image is Originated in a Blogger Event in UK with Evans. I find quite managed the Party Special, because it not plus size models, but legalarmist. PLUS SIZE BLOGGER PARTY SPECIAL

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With such a great Kamp Ange wants to make sure one or the other to know where you get all the stuff.

The dargestellen dresses is here: PARTY DRESSES FASHION PLUS SIZE

Jackets, tops, skirts: PARTY MODE PLUS SIZE

And of course there are also a few brisk shoes. The shoes of Evans I recommend women with wide feet. You go up in EEE widths (even with boots recommended) and the pumps have a stable plateau and a soft footbed. I myself am fallen out the shoes, but they could quickly resell and have someone had very happy.