Paris, Paris, Here We Come!

I’ll start with the congratulations to my passing Bachelor thesis. Thank you so much. I’ve actually done it, my work went well and my oral exam was great. Now I am studied Bachelor of Arts degree and three years of study are just gone. At the moment still a little unrealistic, my ABI me not so long ago is…

I’ll, summarize because it interested some if I leave on my Paris get back even a little what was exactly in my work and also you could internally ever prepare you for a new design, so don’t be surprised if the blog when you next visit suddenly very different looks.

As mentioned above, I now give me holiday in Paris. To be precise, it is a one-week trip to the city of love, along with my all best friend. After we were slightly disappointed by our actually hosts, I want to say anything except “Why do you something like that?”, we have rented an apartment spontaneously, it’s still cheaper than a hostel. In addition, we have all freedoms, can spontaneously plan our week and Cook yourself. So far, nothing is that actually, except that we go the day after tomorrow, so Thursday to Paris by train and return the following Thursday.

Will of course I will try you between to send, but I will have iPad only then Internet on my, if an open wLan in the close some greetings from vacation is. I don’t know how well Paris is equipped with such a thing. Otherwise, there is a detailed report of course later. Now I need to sit for the first time to tackle to pack my bags, which again can be a difficult task. First and foremost in this changing weather…

I wish you a great week ever, after my vacation we go here then again correctly.

PS: You guys have great tips for Paris? Where should you eat? What doesn’t and what should you see in any case? Shopping tips?