Pantacourt Plus Size And Metallic Blouse Realist : Keep An Eye On Trends!

Hello darlings! The pantacourt plus size is with EVERYTHING! I think the Brazilian climate favors this piece a lot, to be honest, since it is a shorter and shorter pant that can be used in both the cold and the heat.

The pantacourt plus size is even more wonderful for us , because it has that midi skirt aspect, but without the friction between the thighs… That is: love!

If you use it in the cold, like me, you can choose a short, ankleboot-style boot… I know, I know… You think you’re going to shorten your body and blah blah blah, but I’ll tell you one thing: , and?! The look looks cool, looks stylish, looks comfortable… What’s the problem if you do not look a bit taller? Leave these visual regrinha there and give more value to the final result of the look

If you wear it in the heat, those thin striped sandals look amazing and soften the volume created by pantacourt. I think it’s fancy!

My look is all the Realist Plus (which I have spoken sometimes by here ) and the brand is always keeping an eye on trends and falls upon a foolproof way! Another piece that I fell in love with was this metallic blouse with transparency… Can you be lighter and more glamorous with one piece ?! There is not! It’s WONDERFUL type I used it with a black tank top underneath, but you can wear it with a strappy bra if you’re in the “mood” which is really cool too (mainly to go out at night… I’ll try one of these days)

Pantacourt Plus Size And Metallic Blouse Realist: Keep An Eye On Trends!

Keep An Eye

In addition to the pantacourt plus size and metallised blouse, the elongated waistcoat also appears a lot in the trends of the next seasons. I’m a big fan of vests of all kinds, because I think they add a lot of looks leaving any clothes with a more funky, trendy and modern face. This is of flat fabric and has an asymmetric cut that gives movement to the look and more lightness to the cut of the pants as well. For those who like the effect,the vest also gives the impression that you are taller, which can be a good counterpoint to use with the pantacourt plus size.