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Order online Dirndl is probably for most of us, for me as a Hamburg woman ever anyway, consistently. On the Oktoberfest itself, I am just so conditionally. I was there once and I was too drunk to stupid and sexistitisch. Nevertheless, I know that you all have a great time can with the right people and the right amount of beer, even there.

However, I’ve always liked costumes like. Whether all classical or modern, as are manachmal seen at Lena Hoschek, anything is as addressed in me. On several weddings where I was, many family members came in costumes. The women had this really great Dirndl, which will certainly cost a lot of money. However, come the order more often used and Dirndl comes online there probably not so often before, there are local dealer.

Here, with me in the north, one is faced with a Drindl somehow. If you but to Oktoberfest in Munich, you will feel without somehow naked. Total costume or a dirndl is not the worst in neat curves.

Here, for example, once every Dirndl in size 50, which is when Dirndl Outlet are. They are, as the name suggests, quite cheap.

Small Dirndl customer:

A dirndl consists of three parts. The Dirndl (dress without sleeves) itself, a Short blouse with puffed sleeves drawn under and an apron. You can also buy separately and wear the blouse to a completely different outfit as these three components.

Blouse and dirndl Adler fashion that an extra Plus Size range for costumes lead. In most cases, the Dirndl come complete with apron. In the right costume shops which parts are to have individually.

Tips for Your Oktoberfest outfit:

1. Cleavage show:

It is important for each Oktoberfest outfit: definitely neat wooden front of the huts. Who is poor in wood, needs Wiesn-laundering. The is nice padded and brings a really crisp décolleté. Whoever already has a neat stack: Do not choose a too low neckline. I was surprised what a bust I got laced cope when my dress was drawn and then extends also to bust. Breath is clearly not intended and independent and undress belongs apparently to the concept 😉

2. What are the colors?

Personally, I would take it traditionally. This is a costume and not Carnival. The Dirndl reluctant, the skirt shining it. Even with the many decorations I would be careful, especially if you want to still take one of the beautiful Accessiores it.

Both Dirndl to size 52 by NKD where there Dirndl in all price ranges.

However, you should not throw you too in a traditional Dirndl, if you are a completely different type. Then your Oktoberfest outfit becomes somewhat shrill. That takes you from one else and you feel dressed up.There is enough choice of pink, to Neon with glitter and all zip and zap.

3. The right cut:

The skirt thus the lower part of Dirndls should be placed in the waist in wrinkles, while showing too much material, otherwise he is under her apron into a balloon.

The bodice (the part of the dress below the chest) should really be laced, it conjures up a beautiful waist and the upper part is correctly beautifully appointed. Is not unimportant for the matter of the wood 😉

The apron always leaves a small portion of the Rocks peek out below. The skirt and the dress is therefore the longest part of Drindl.

4. A short or a long Dirndl?

According to insiders from Munich and Oktoberfest outfit experienced people, a long Dirndl is more for older women. The Short Dirndl is knee-length, who it still carries shorter either a maximum of 12 years old or is Verona Poth.

Personally, I’m not so sure I a short or long Drindl is better. show leg is already popular with me, however, that can go backfires and then I see really made by Brummer with the skirt and the cords in the waist. Since a long dirndl could possibly be appropriate. ergo: try.

Here two long Dirndl:

5. The right shoes for Dirndl:

An Oktoberfest outfit is not complete without the right shoe. Ballerinas, booties and pumps are the most common models and there are now many the season with a grassy style. This dress shoes cost between 25 and 50 euros, found on  our site

6. Accessories for Dirndl:

For an Oktoberfest outfit, there are a whole range of beautiful accessories. A short chain or a scarf as standard. Moreover, there is a wide selection of real nice Oktoberfest bags. This one, also ♥ our site up 29.90

Wiesn Hairstyles:

The best fit for Dirndl plaited, but more often we see the women with a hat, it has not even any suitable hair or fancy extensions.

♥ Here is a guide for short hair

Attention, now it is traditional!

The Wiesn code – The Drindlschleife:

Attention! Who strikes traditionalists in Munich, so knowing that there is a “loop-code”:

  • Loop left means that you are single and would maybe change at the Oktoberfest like. 😉
  • Loop Lechts means already taken.
  • The loop in the middle of the skirt is still a virgin!
  • Carry ye rear you are either widowed or the waitress.

So you have it in your hand…

Bargains and cheap dirndl:
The Dirndl – suppliers make regular actions, especially now during the high season. Always look again in our sale section, where all Plus size are published bargains and the best discounts always paid in advance sent in through our newsletter, which you subscribe here can.

order Dirndl online

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I hope you enjoy corset lacing and beer drinking!