Ootd Prom Queen

The 29.09 was my junior prom. It would decadent celebrated with live band, a huge buffet, champagne and cake. Most importantly though, with the wonderful people that I have spent the last three years in the University of applied sciences and with my family. I’m afraid besides the fact that this is a very self-obsessed post because I find my dress really fantastic, is this also of a very emotional post.

On September the 29th it what time for my graduation ball. We had on awesome party with live music, a big buffet, sparkling wine and cake, but most important with some of the best people out there, the once I have spend the last 3 years with together and of cause with my family. Beware, this post could become very emotional.

We, the creative, but stamped as the crazies out of the computer room, had of course also our last joint appearance befitting scene put in. And what would be better than a beard on a stick? Commendably even our professor has been tagged (our dear Didi!). In the photo are unfortunately not all, because some not to the prom did it. It must be said at this point again, how incredibly happy I am that we were such a great course, I very much hope that we will see each other soon again and us not completely lose sight.

We have been the creative or the insane, how most at the university said, so of cause we had to stage up our last big appereance, and what would work better than some mustaches on sticks? Thankfully also our professor was part of this game. Unfortunately not everyone was able to come to the graduation but I want to say once again how grateful for having such a nice class, I really hope we will meet again very soon. 

Die Familie, mit dem Adobtivkind. Denn irgendwie ist Björn schon lange ein Teil der Familie geworden und wird von meinen Eltern und meinem großen kleinen Bruder genauso verehrt wie von mir. Und das liegt nicht nur daran, dass er ständig lecker kocht! Es sollte außerdem mal gewürdigt werden, dass ich der Meinung bin, dass er ein sehr gutes Gespür für Mode hat, der Anzug ist ja wohl eine Augenweide und passt perfekt zu ihm.

The family and the adopted child, cause actually thats how we look at Björn, he became part of our family and is adored not only by me but also the other once. That is of cause not just because he does magic in the kitchen! Also, look at him, how handsome he is in this awesome suit, he really has a eye for fashion.

My wonderful family, who always supported me, who is always there for me and that I would never redeem even if they sometimes incidentally annoy me. We’re already a weird bunch, sometimes to one, as would have and the cosmic fate together diced, completely at random, and if you believe MOM gives, then so is the also. However, was it then not indiscriminately, but intent, pure intention. I give her credit, even though she has weird ticks, their lives the moon revolves around, people on command to the crying can bring and has healing hands, because she has taught so much about me, what it means to find themselves, to be strong, to live independently, and to believe in themselves and if I’m lucky, she has given me also their good genes , I mean the woman 50 + is and always looks as fresh 40.Previously I’ve always a sister wanted, I get to have a know-it-all brother who is bigger than me and has also longer hair. In the evening he used me in with heavy metal and sometime when he’s sitting next to me while I zocke, I freak out because his comments, but when I see him a couple of days not, I miss him so much. I know that the happiest in the world can be that every girl, he concludes that in his heart, and he eventually will be the biggest rock star in the world. I think I like this photo as well, because I know that we all were really happy at this moment, and because each of us has arrived at a point in his life, where he is himself. This also applies to my dad, who is always there for me, spoils me and makes the best fried eggs in the world. Papa will be my dad, a man I admire for his decisions and his courage. My dad, who feels now rather than a woman, and it is, but still my dad. Yes is is a colorful, chaotic and wonderful family that yells at himself, crying and then again can withstand. Have thank you that you always support me and trust in what I do.

Thats my family, who always have been so supportive and caring, I really wouldn’t want to change them at all. We are a crazy bunch, sometime it feel like we have been put together totally randomly by some cosmic fortune, and if you believe in what Mum tells you, that is exactly what happened, just that it wasn’t random but on purpose. I do believe her, even though she has some strange tics, her life spins around the moon, she is able to make people cry in seconds and she had healing hands, but she taught me so much about loving myself, being strong and believe in what you do. And when I am really lucky, she also gave me her good gens, I mean look at her, she is 50+ bus looking fresh as 40.

I always wanted a little sis, but all I got was a know-it-all-brother, taller than me and with longer hair. In the evening he plays heavy metal to loud and when he sits next to me, while I am playing video games, his comments make me explode, but when he is away for several days, I miss him so much. I know one day he will be the biggest rockstar in the world, also I believe every girl, he keeps in his heart, can be one of the happiest in ever.

I think one reason why I love this picture so much, is because I know how happy we all have been in the moment just like I know that we all reached a point in our life where we found ourselves. This also applies to my dad, how is always caring for me, spoiling me and making the best fright eggs in the world. My dad, who I admire for the bravery and the decisions he did. My dad, who in the meantime decided to feel as and be a woman instead, but will remain being my dad for always. We a a colorful, chaotic and fantastic family, that screams at each other, cries and gets back together. Thank you for always supporting and trusting me.

Ich habe mich an diesem Abend wie eine Prinzessin gefühlt, wie die Ballkönigin.Der Tüllrock, der eigentlich knielang werden sollte, ist zu einem Traumkleid geworden, von dem ich nie wusste, dass ich es haben will. Danke Dominik für den Schreibfehler in der länge, für deine Mühe und deine Arbeit! Das Kleid, das eigentlich der Rock und ein H&M Oberteil ist, waren perfekt und so schön.

I felt like a princess, like the prom queen at this night. The tule skirt, which should have been reaching to the knee, became my dream dress, I never knew I wanted to have. Thank you Dominik for doing this typing mistake, making it longer for you effort and you work.This dress, or better skirt, paired with an H&M top, is perfect and so beautiful.

Not their King may miss the self-acclaimed Prom Queen. And only this time clearly make, this cream sandwiches is not my friend, but my best friend, my King of the day feeds me with love and sometimes with cake.

Of cause there needs to be a king to the self claimed queen. And to make this clear, this handsome is emergency my boyfriend, he is my best friend, my king who feeds me with love from day to day and sometime so with cake.