Ootd New Year’s Eve

I share my last post of the year so to speak with four other wonderful bloggers.Amélie and I decided to photograph our outfit together and as one led to another and soon were inaugurated on Twitter even Steffi, MIA, and ISA . Now we present you today to the end of the year all our new year’s Eve outfit, except for the by Amelie I know one another and am therefore at least as excited as you.

The last post of sharing with four other wonderful of 2012 I am the child of bloggers.Amélie and I decided to meet to take pictures of our new years eve outfits, then Steffi,MIA and ISA joined in, and now we are presenting you 5 different looks for tonight. I am so excited to see what the other girls are wearing!

Tonight I’ll make Oriental fondue with my parents and Björn, then we, so Björn and I are invited on a shared party at a very wonderful friend, I’m very excited about, because confetti and glitter bombs were promised. Because even my night divides into two half, I am wearing a dress, two different outfit… well actually but in two different styles.

Tonight I will me having an oriental Fondue with my family and Björn, after we are going to a friends Party, I am looking forward to it, as she said something about confetti and glitter bombs! As my evening is divided in two parts I chose to wear two different outfit… or better one dress in two different ways.

Fürs Essen habe ich mich entschiedenmeinen neuen Pulli über das Kleid zu ziehen. Ich habe ihn erst vorgestern im Sale ergattert, er ist sehr dünn und sieht in echt viel glitzerndenr aus, da er mit vielen silbernen Fäden durchzogen ist.Passend zum Glitzer-Thema werde ich meine Glitzerschuhe tragen und natürlich ein sehr glitzerndes Make-Up.

For having dinner I decided to pair my dress with a new jumper I bought in the H&M sale two days ago, it is pretty thin and looks a lot more glittery in real live, cause it is made out of sliver stuff. Fitting to the glitter topic I will be wearing my glitter shoes and of cause, a glittery make-up.

Later I’m still the same dress to wear, that is by the way of New Look. The collar is embroidered with silver beads, the skirt is cut back a bit longer as the front and the back part is transparent. I have replaced the sweater with my Beth Ditto Biker jacket, also I will take my new Glitzertäschen. I can reassure who still thinks that my hair look as pretty bad, they were cut yesterday, now I have again a reasonable Pony and less dry tips. Where, I must say in my defense that it was very windy, which has helped my hair not just to be reasonable.

Later on I am the still going for the black New Look dress, with a collar and a high low skirt, but instead of the jumper, I will be paring it with my Beth Ditto Biker jacket. If you think, that my hair looks pretty odd in the pictures, you are right, but I just cut them today, now I have a cute fringe again. Need to say, that it what windy that day, which wasn’t helpful either.

Dress-New Look

Pullover-H & M+


Shoes and bag-H & M

Pantyhose-we love color

Have to take a picture Amélie and I met on the Sparrenburg, behind me you very so the views of Bielefeld. We were lucky with the weather, even the Sun sometimes to look. Even if you hardly needed that, because Amélie shines always for at least three 🙂 I had to also know the pleasure of their treasure, who made the photos, thanks for this!

For taking the pictures I met up with Amélie at the “Sparrenburg”, behind me you have the view over Bielefeld. The weather what nice, even some rays of sun peaked through, even though Amélie is always shining and smiliey so bright there is no need for the sun to show up.

I wish a great evening of new year’s Eve and a happy new year all in the new year!Thank you for another great year, I wish you only the best and most beautiful, much love and success and that each of you will experience an incredibly amazing 2013. And now do not you forget to look at the outfits of the other beauties!

I wish you a great new years eve and a happy new year! Thanks for the great year, I hope you will have a of love 2013 abundance and success, with all the best of the best! And now please have a look at the other outfits!