Ootd Hipstermatic

If I were my Grandma, I’d say now because the cat with the degree in hand ran away again me, I hit just about on the image on it, what has me so at hipster vintage aesthetics in mind. There’d be interested once whether you find it nice if the pictures look as neutral, true, or if they are edited? And with edited I mean now no such thing as wrinkles away, legs, one such changes thinner or eyes larger, up to times pimples away, I never do. But I like to play around with color balance and such effects-looking vintage.

Yes I know, there is like every hipster kid photo effect on this picture you can think of, but I just really like to play around with things like this on photoshop, so I hope you don’t mind it? I am the actually not doing any editing like making me smaller, hiding wrinkles or what-so-ever but I just like to do some coloring effects and stuff like this.

The outfit is exceptionally time totally up-to-date and yesterday, when I was usingAmélie coffee drink was. We had Yes top weather and have in Bielefeld on the old sat, sipped market in the Sun coffee and talked, talked and talked. It was really very good. But of course what happens when two fashion bloggers meet? Is it self-obsessed photos? Wrong! We have the photo make you totally forget about, unfortunately, that’s why there are no photos of the meeting, but only that I made of my outfit, I later then at home.

This outfit from DEMA is, when I meet up with another awesome German plus size blogger, Amélie, for a coffee. The sun what shining and we had picture perfect fall weather while we wear chatting away for hours. It what so much fun! Of cause you would two bloggers expect to take lots of self loving pictures, but we kid of forget to take pictures at all through all the taking.

The hearth, cream lace dress is a sweetie of my shopping at Primark last week. It is 20 in size and of which apart from that it is a bit too short on the chest, it sits super and is soo nice and soft. I’m totally in love and think it’s great for the fall, it looks chic, even if casual combined with leggings, Chucks and a Cardigan. The Cardigan is by the way the boyfriend Cardigan I have put in my second outfit post on this blog, over 3 years it’s been. Who is like looking at the time (I was still blond and my favorite skirt Evans lived yet…)

That dress is from my visit to Primark last week, I love the color and the fabric, even though it might me a little to shirt around the bust area, but I don’t mind at all. I think it is perfect with something more casual like converse and leggings, but still looks very chic.The Cardigan is actually one that I also have been wearing in my second ever outfit post, crazy how time flows by. At me when I what still look blond and new to blogging you can have a here.

My favorite makeup combo in recent days is my “tell me a Berry tale” Lipstick by Catrie with subtle eyes, so just mascara and some eyebrows. The sound is actually a very dark purple berries and I like super for autumn.

My go to makeup combo theese days is my new berry-plum colored lipstick (looks red in these more pictures) and a simple eye makeup that’s just some mascara and a bit of eyebrow. I like this deep and dark color for autumn.