Ootd Candy Stripes

New month, new money. I was at H & M today to look finally at the sale. It was all full, and somehow messed up, but I took a whole bunch of parts at the end in the locker room. I was pleasantly surprised by the BiB Department, there was a cool leather jacket, which was set to 20 euro down, but she was not as good as my Beth Ditto jacket, therefore I have waived. Especially nice, I found some pants-skirt short, from a very light Jersey, I found that pretty damn cool, could but not really friends with them.

I bought 2 items from the ‘normal’ Department, a dress and a top, both in L, and both fit wonderfully, and 2 parts of the PIP finally Department, a blouse and a leggings. Also I bought the cutest little hat head jewelry thing that I’ve ever seen, but I gotta go something else for my stubborn, the rubber band.

Being this weekend with me, the good, wonderful, just amazing Canon 5 d Mark I have forced my favorite people to take some nice pictures in the evening sun, which unfortunately does not properly looked out between the entire cloud.

New months, new money. Today I finally went to H&M to look at their sale. It was crowded and a bit chaotic, but I ended up in the changing room with a lot more things I had thought. Also I was surprised by the BiB section, but in a positive way. They had some cool new things, for example for skirty-shorts in a really light jersey, they are so damn cool, but I think we won’t get friends. I didn’t like them on me.

After all I bought 2 pieces from the “normal” H&M, a dress and a top, both in size L, and 2 pieces from the BIB section, a button-up and a pair of leggings. And I bought the cutest little headpiece ever!

As I lend the Canon 5D Mark for the weekend, I forced my lovey-person (I am quite sure this word doesn’t say what I like to say, if I translate it right from german I would like to say my favorite human, but that sounds kind of crappy in english ), I forced him to take some pictures of me in the evening sun.

Jah, ich habe ein knall buntes Oberteil bei H&M gekauft. Irgendwie sprachen mich die Farben total an, obwohl man ja immer sagt Pink und Rot beiben sich.Außerdem hat das gute Teil nur 5 Euro gekostet, ist sehr leicht und super bequem.Dazu trage ich ein schwarzes H&M Kleid, We Love Color Strumpfhosen und eine Kette von “Kool Kat Kustom”. Ich glaube die Schuhe sind ebenfalls von H&M und mein Nietenarmband habe ich seit dem Emo Tag öfter mal wieder umgemacht.

Yes, it is true, I am wearing a bright colored top. I just looked at the color and fell in love with it, even thought people say pink and red shouldn’t go together. It of what only 5 euros and it is light and comfy. I am wearing a black H & M dress underneath, we love color tights and a necklace Rome “Kool Kat kustom”. I think the shoes are from H&M.