Oodt: Dotty Night

Hello my dear readers,.
Some people have perhaps already read last weekend on Twitter that I mean new Beth Ditto polka dot dress was going to show. But I was sick during the week and not really wanted to do this before the computer to sit and write a blog post.
Last Saturday I went my friends to the concert from the German elektropunk band “Whisper of the city”. And wow, I was really surprised and excited by the band but especially by the style of the singer. She looked incredibly great and had the cutest and best rock at all. A black tulle skirt, with neon colored tulle Strip in the back and a totally driven belt, to a blue bolero. The video just look at, then I see what my *click*.

Hello my dear readers,
as some of you might read on Twitter last weekend, I wanted to show you the polka dot Beth Ditto dress. But I got sick this week and didn’t sitting felt like in front of the computer writing blog posts. 
Last weekend me and some friends went to a concert from the German electropunk band “Großstadtgeflüster”. I was so impressed by the band but also by the style of the singer.She look gorgeous and had the cutest and best looking skirt ever. You could look at this video here *click* to see it. It was a black tulle skirt, with some super bright colored tulle in the back and a fab looking belt, paired with a blue, strong shoulder bolero. I really, really loved her outfit.

Ich habe an dem Abend mein neues Beth Ditto Polka Dot Kleid getragen.
Ich hatte ein bisschen Angst, weil so viele meinten, dass es unter der Brust, doch sehr weit sein würde, deswegen war ich total gespannt, als ich das Paket am Samstagnachmittag geöffnet habe.
Ich liebes es so sehr. I glaube es ist sogar mein neues Lieblingskleid. Es passt perfekt, der Rock fließt wundervoll genau wie der wunderschöne Stoff. Außerdem mag ich den Kragen so gerne. Ja.. ich bin wirklich verliebt in das Kleid.

I have worn my new Beth Ditto Polka Dot Dress.
I was a bit scared after many people said, that it is quite big in the bust area so I was super excited when I opened my package on Saturday afternoon.
I absolutely love it. I guess I love it even more than every other dress I own. It fits so perfect, it has such a nice flow and fabric, I like the collar really much and yes…. i can just say, that I am really in love with this dress.

Dress-Evans (Beth Ditto collection)



A word about the shoes. They are made out of some plastic-don’t know-what-textile, so you actually get quite warm feet in it but they look great with tights and are comfy, today I made a longer walk in them and on the last weekend I danced in them the whole night.Thumps up for them!

A word about the shoes. I have ordered them with Evans in the sale, they are made of some plastic-anything material, so you get a very warm feet in it. They look great to the tights and are really comfortable. Today I made a longer walk and last weekend in there danced the whole night. Thumbs up for that!