Online Shopping At Home And Abroad

For some of you that shop online, from German or English pages a breeze being no matter, I get repeatedly sent to around the subject of payment, customs, sizes, shipping time questions, and so on and immediately. I’m trying here and from my experiences, both positive and negative, to report as well, it is to cover your questions, call my personal favourites.

How Can I Pay When I Playing Online?

When to buy so within Germany in Germany, you can pay in most cases by invoice, direct debit, bank transfer, PayPal or credit card. Order one from abroad, the payment is usually less. Credit card is always at most shops you can pay with PayPal; Direct debit, bank transfer or Bill are where ever possible. However, I did personally very good experiences with PayPal. One logs on there, can transfer either from his regular account account money on PayPal or connects the two accounts and then don’t wait until the money PayPal has arrived.

When And In What Form Should I Pay Customs?

What I can tell you with certainty: If you order from a country that is a member of the EU it must pay no duty. You could so confidently for example at one of the many English plus size stores order, because there you must never expect with customs. Read more you can for example here.

Anders is the so-called third countries, i.e. countries which do not belong to the EU such as for example the United States. If you ordered, you can certainly expect a customs fee. What does calculate exactly what goods value, you can read here. I have until now ordered from the USA when we love color, the procedures and the delivery time as well as the amounts of the fees were different every time.

The first time I had at the Customs Office in Bielefeld past here look and make my packet there and show them exactly what was in it. Then the fees would be charged and I had to pay and then was able to take my package. At the second order has the package over any Customs Office in Frankfurt and has lasted over a month, until it was finally with me. This time I had to pay a fee the supplier… Once when I won something at we love color, they wrote “Gift” so present on the package and I had to pay nothing.

In principle, this is not a great situation, however you should just have in mind that when ordering from abroad, if not the EU, not only shipping charges to come but just customs and taxes.

How Much Is The Shipping And How Long Does It Take?

The shipping is different in every company. In most English shops such as New Look and Style369, it will cost between 5-8€. But in most German stores incurred costs in the amount of 4-7€ also. The shipping from overseas, so the United States is of course much higher.

As a general rule, the man most of the time, no matter can select whether in the country or abroad, mostly between standard and express shipping. Normally takes the shipping between 1-2 weeks at the express this is sometimes extremely fast and the order arrived within 3-4 days.

There are also companies without the full shipping, such as ASOS.

And The Return Shipping?

The return shipping is free in almost all German shops at H & M for example can you just back his package at Hermes and send it back free of charge. Also at ASOS, you can send all things free of charge back if something does not fit or do not like.

When other British shops, is a bit higher because the risk, in most cases, they assume no return shipping costs, which remain at a hang themselves. However, these prices are not so over the top, you can Yes online at the post queries, comes just always depends on how hard and how large is the package that you want to go back. In the event that a return shipping times not worthwhile, but the part not wanted to keep her, ways yes like dress top to sell the stuff.

Should I Order What Size?

At pretty much any shop, no matter whether German or one from abroad, you can find size calculator or tables. Mine can enter its sizes at Sheego for example and gets spit out the right size then, when other countrie, such as New Look and Evans, there are dimension tables. It never hurts to check out the tables and to determine your size.

If her you still not sure since which materials have the clothes, takes care that are flexible or fixed? Far closely cut, or whether you find the garment of your choice for any blogger, sometimes also reviews the individual products are available on the Web pages of the shops look.

At many British shop, there is also a column in this table the EU size with the UK compares size, let’s confuse you by US or UK sizes, also on Google, you will find many sites where the sizes are translated in the names from abroad.

Generally, I can say that I was very satisfied with the sizes of both New Look, ASOS, Evans, Style369, yours clothing and Forever21 was very pleased.

Thus, the main issues should be first resolved. There are of course lots of other shops, as well as total many vendors on eBay. I can give information but only to the shops, which I have used myself already, as once again a small to go little detail, I’ll just write to any store where I regularly buy a few sentences.

ASOS-at ASOS is the ASOS curve, I believe one of the best and most modern plus size departments that there is. The sizes are always very good, I ordered there dresses, tops and trousers. Until now, I was disappointed by a waist belt, who was too small and did not suit. The prices are higher there, however, one often finds codes and discounts also are there sales regularly. The quality, I was always convinced so far. The clear advantage is the free return delivery and, definitely a plus!

H&M-where everyone has ordered probably already. Dern sizes I want to not even start at H & M, but can be ordered in the online shop on rates, the return shipping is free, and there are often discount codes. Especially beautiful because you pay on invoice, can play quiet good and equal 20 parts and home to arrange a small fitting binge.

Evans-well, Evans that is unfortunately a problem child. 2009, when I’ve ordered for the first time there, I was overjoyed, today, not only the fashion with Evans for the worse has changed, but also the service. If you ordered from Germany, you have no other way to order more than in the German side. You think clear for the first time, it would be beneficial, the page is in German and that prices in €, however I many have heard that the sizes were converted incorrectly, prices are more expensive and the shipping is not really cheaper than before in England. In addition, that the proposed collection is smaller than that in the UK shop, from this point of view, more than German buyers has to actually no advantage. The customer service should also be bad, so I bestellt…schade since there’s the German Evans page, no longer there actually!

Should you nevertheless want to dare try, I can only say that I always found the quality and was very, very satisfied with my orders from Evans!

Style369-leading us also the sister right at the next shop, shop by Evans, Style369.In principle, the whole thing as a filter is, all the boring things Evans were taken out and offered only the good. I bought there already two dresses, both were of good quality and arrived very quickly at me, I’m very excited by the BHs. The stuff coming from England, you would have to thank so you may have a more expensive return shipping. Besides I order 1000% better here, as on Evans back to access!

New Look-New Look there’s the inspire collection, definitely one of my favorite plus size offerings, because the clothing is cheaper than most plus size shops but there are very nice, fancy, and rocky parts other. Particularly enthusiastic I am the pants, have two Jeggings and ordered a jeans shorts and all fit like a glove. You should however keep in mind when you go on the new look page, directly above on the EU to ask if their EU want to see sizes and prices in €. You don’t, but that is only after you have packed your entire shopping cart, everything in the basket is thrown out during the transition, and that is quite annoying.

Forever21-Also at Forever21 is there a size sizes collection which sizes are classified here in XL-3XL, however you can look in a table what exactly that means.I’ve ordered here once, but excited about the extremely fast shipping. Also, I find that they are often very, very nice stuff, especially blouses and skirts, and what I’ve ordered there, sitting very well.

YoursClothing-the page looks while usually not so appealing, but again I did have great bargains, grade in the sale, there are often very cheap things, dispatch ran quickly and the sizes were great, everything was good. I’ve ordered there even longer no longer.

Bon Prix-one of the few German shop where I buy. Here, too, there are many large sizes and above all very cheap underwear. Bon Prix, you should pay no problems with the have, comes from Germany and therefore on invoice or by bank transfer can be made.

So I would be happy of course if you share your experiences with me and the other readers in the comments. I hope I could help some of you or take away the fear of the order, let’s not limit you, that there are so few great opportunities in Germany, from abroad, you will find many great shops offering beautiful clothing in large sizes!