Online Dating?

Dear lovers!

Today guest author Karolina writes about her experiences with dating platforms. Enjoy guaranteed ūüėČ

As you know, I’m married. Before that I was from time to time over a longer period Single and cavorted on the numerous dating sites, which then mushroomed out of the earth. 10-15 years ago, Facebook, Instagram and Co were not as widespread as today. Internet dating still had a slightly disreputable reputation. When couples who met through the Internet, they told friends and acquaintances a fantasy story about her getting to know (often had to do with exotic places or incredible coincidences). met the love of life on the Internet? Never, not that there was. The singles on the Internet were messed up at best, at worst masked serial killer.

That was true then of course not. But anyway, I got to know on my odyssey through the dating sites one or another species of man, whose acquaintance I had confidently do without.

So here my humorous typology of men who I met through the Internet.

The baker

He knows exactly what ingredients yield the right mix for its future. Deviations from the recipe will not be tolerated and there were already a prefabricated Backmischung he would not hesitate, but access.

A touch of humor, 100g understanding, 6 cl molten sinfulness, shot cleverness (but please not too much that is affecting the emulsifier), 500g presentable, 200g mate compatibility . These ingredients are mixed together, should be a smooth consistency arise, but this must not break the mold. After the furnace gear may be happy to be decorated, here the beautiful lips, there the sparkling eyes and not to forget the sizzling packaging.

Recreational Terrorist

Page long, it can be made about it, in which “outdoor activities” it is to be found. No weekend where crawling or towing extremely heavy mountain bikes through inhospitable terrain on the program not least in the mud.

Will he even take it easy, then he makes a hike in the mountains or to meet with friends for paintball (because bombards you each other out of me for some unknown reason with color cartridges). Bungee Jumping was yesterday, today he favors genuine survival training where it is exposed with a compass and a book about edible grasses in the forest. His partner must primarily have a: condition. Emotions are peripherally. What feelings should arise at his side also, except anxiety, panic and exhaustion?

The Sensitive

“Do you like long walks on dewy meadows and romantic sunsets? If you draw a flickering campfire the noise and bustle in a pub before? Are you the feminine being, which can not be blinded by the superficiality of beauty standards? “Announced his text or so leaves. Sounds wonderful? Yes, because what woman could be by the prospect of a sensitive soulful and profound man not seduced?

Forgive the ensuing disillusionment, but pointed hike and “lager fiery” Men are rarely socially acceptable. Because everyday is now not even alone campground Romantic. Women would also like to go shopping again, without having to endure his lamentations about the eternal consumerism. Also, we are rarely pleased when seduction attempts on our part, and the attendance are with lace trimmed underwear with the comment that he already rather naturally like us, sabotaged.

The whiner

He has already given up hope. He was so often disappointed by the evil woman, that he already no longer believes in the fulfillment of his wishes and he also brings clearly expressed.

No Balzen or curls with seductive words, no description of the miraculous that could wait for a union on both. No Marketing in person or the evocation of pleasant images. What as opposed spills us out of the lines, is the embodiment of his depression and anger. In flowery words he describes the woman as Teufelsweib. And at the very end of this settlement with the female sex follows the hesitant question: “Well, do YOU ‚Äč‚Äčprove me wrong?” No, better not.

The philosopher

“Do not dream your life, live your dreams!” Yes! Gorgeous proposal. This man wants with women like to steal horses. In fact, he liked pulling the fauna rate to describe. For women experiencing continued a few lines that only dead fish swim with the stream. Aha. I also do not want to be further stay in these platitudes, because there would be only little interesting facts about this man to report.

Well, one way or another female creature will feel safe in his presence. The best a deaf-mute person. This is better for both.

(A note to the men out there:.. The typology is quite to read with a wink I’m sure there are female counterparts to lack dating experience with women, all I can but write anything…).

Finally, now but a few conciliatory words. They are available, the original men who do not believe that they could find the perfect woman in the bread department, who see meaning and purpose of life not only in aerobic activity, do not live in their fairy-tale world, which is also not stuck in self-pity, and do not languish in their meaningless cosmos. Attentive, lively, clever and humorous men. How to find the? You’ll find out in my next guest article here.

Welcome, your Karolina