Oh No, It’s Too Good To Be True.

After I read at own of you, that packages there are H & M, I could hardly wait the closing time. And indeed a H & M shipping bag was there with us on the table. I was really pleased and first tried on en rock, but more on that later.

Then there was the dress.

It feels great, it looks really still 3 x beautiful, it of super processed, so a small rubbery deposits at the top under the edge so that it also without carrier holds up well. and part of the chest is reinforced with flexible Stängchen. Back it has a zipper and a small button and I was directly in love. But unfortunately, the heart was broken me several seconds later!

I damn even H & M defended this collection especially, because I like this idea of making clothes that have no size limits, as well. I was still excited when I saw that at least 3 scrap parts such as umbrella and funny dolls contains a collection of 20-teillige and the BRA’s are available only in ridiculous size. Why get it not baked your size are once as well, such as those in the rest of the world?

I ordered this dress in EU54/UK28, although I usually EU52/UK26. No matter where I order whether ASOS curve, Evans, yours or New Look, so far every damn part has changed, even though I have a relatively large breast. My standard dress size doesn’t fit anyway, but of course at H & M. The dress is still well above the butt and sits’s is good, but the zipper back, I can get not to, if I stop the dress and one rear holds it together, it looks however so with violence, as if the chest is a little too big in the waist… One I am really disappointed and just don’t get it why is and the same size at H & M always a different pair of shoes than anywhere else? I want to love collection really damn inclusive, because I’m just always been fond of H & M’s at any other place so much hope, that all clothes in my size are available, but when I see something like that, then I can shake only with the head. Because, as some in the community have said, you need to find good things aren’t always just because you have so few options. And also if the idea behind the H & M inclusive collection worth living and my opinion is still the right way is, it must not be that goes this way so wrong!

Habt ihr eurer Paket schon bekommen? Und wenn ja, wie sieht’s bei euch aus?

After reading on Twitter that some already got their H&M order, I couldn’t wait to come home. I was so excited when I saw the package on my desk. First I tried on the skirt, about which I’ll tell you later.

Second the polka dotted dress.

The fabric felt good, in real life it looked 3times as good as online, it seemed to be processed well, also it had some kind of small strip of rubberstuff inside on the top, so it won’t pull down over you bust all the time. On the back there was a small button and a zipper. I fell in love with it, but just a few seconds later, it broke my heart!

Damn H&M I stood up for this collection and defended it against the critics, because I loved the idea of making one piece work for all sizes. I even was still amazed by it after seeing this stupid dolls and the ridiculous sizing of the bras. But why don’t you ever get your sizing right? I ordered the dress in UK28/EU54, even if I normally wear UK26/EU52.No metter where I order ASOS Curve, Evans, Yours or New Look, dresses always fit in my standard sizing, but of cause this doesn’t count for H&M. It worked well, while pulling it up my bump, also it felt good in my waist, but than I noticed I will never ever get this zipper closes. And it even looked like the bust part would be to big, if I would get it closed in the back. I am so freaking disappointed right now, I always have the same size, just H&M always need to be a special cup of tea. You know, I really want to love the Inclusive Collection, cause I love H&M and there actually is no shop that I would love to see more than it to bring out their clothes in my size. But lots of you are right, you don’t have to love everything just because it is the only option, just like no matter how great this idea war or creditable it was from H&M to go this step forward, if you do it, than do it right!

Did you already get your order? And if so, how is it?