Now It Gets Cold


Ok, Ok, if it freezes then I’m back on complain, but yes you can snuggle prima. The two major trends long cardigans and ponchos we had already dealt with in detail and there were quite a few who have a “horse blanket” risen.

My winter style for years are still dress and boots. Many of you who write me and do not come so clearly with clothes, I guess times to wait for the winter. With boots and a thick tights to clothes often feel quite different than in summer.

Who wider calves and now nich equal the wants to put 300 euros on the table, have a look at sheego past, where there are wide calf boots 80-120 Euro.

Three beautiful sweaters that can be good fold into the thick jackets that come now I have at Adler fashion found. They are made of different materials and cost between 20-40 euros. Do you need all the time. I peppe often able to even things out of the summer.

Walk bundled up right and then purely into the warmth. Personally, I’m still looking for a thick jacket in parka style. Who bears more of a size 48, is at Violeta by Mango good advice. These three winter jackets there are from 80 to 120 euros there.

Not everything from Kashmir, but nice parts for the small budget I at M & S Mode found:

While we’re at bargain, the Otto Versand celebrates birthday with many discounts. Here you come directly to large sizes: Birthday Discounts

PS: The last week it was a bit quiet here, also me have the news from Paris cut down and paralyzed. I have long wondered whether I had on this subject and the feelings that I had to and something to write.

Meanwhile all is said and actually I’m in this regard also still speechless. The only explanation, probably you have already thought of you. Take care!