Not Sorry! Swimwear Without Photoshop

Na oops! So slowly but it goes off. Employed these models with the bacon rolls everywhere and now even without Photoshop! When I started almost five years ago, was wishful thinking. There were Dove and a very sophisticated marketing strategy and that was it already.

In recent months, the top news of the Plus Size industry were more extreme. Above all, Tess Holiday was booked for many campaigns, there was also some covers of major fashion magazines with curvy women and all that was hailed as the legalization of gay marriage in the United States. This is perhaps a long jump, but again, we will find that we come in a few months more and more to an attitude in which we could not even imagine that this was once a topic.

PR and public are very important even in the plus sizers. For this reason alone, because so viewing habits are broken. A large part contributes to the Internet. The many plus size bloggers worldwide, Instagram, Youtube. As we are now, when nobody wants to print us. If it then but times one does, is always a big deal.(Where are most of us in the nets hundred times known ;-))

Very few know but cool fashion photos with fat women. Why? Because there are too few. Just the other day again at H & M in the locker room trying on a pair of shorts. Just as it looked so this looks anywhere, on any photo, clip or campaign. I have caught me short there when I thought, “Shit, what’s that!” Oh yes, that’s the reality and next door in the locker room, it just looks very exactly. Maybe not jam the zipper, but the legs are too short, the color too bright, whatever. Clearly, it all looks not look like printed, but as in life. Probably I was not alone with my thoughts, on that day in the locker room.

That’s why I like the #BEACHBODYNOTSORRY of swimsuits for all Kamp In very. It’s about real ladies with real bodies and has here and there dents is just too pale, has scars, stretch marks and the breast is also located not like two small apples. The company has also brought a few seasons the Fatkini with colleague Gaby Fresh on the market and thus triggered a small revolution on the beaches.

Sure, here in the spot we see one of the most famous plus-size model of the world, Denise Bidot and it is not without reason. It is absolutely beautiful and oh, that also has cellulite and love handles … The idea was a global call, which just follow many women around the world. That is what I love the Internet. These actions, which the whole world is called upon to participate. Below some examples. I had my bikini Premiere way last summer.

That is what will permanently change viewing habits. Not overnight, but hey, I am planning my outfits for the fourth Curvy, the Plus Size exhibition at the Fashion Week Berlin. Five years ago, it was a taboo.